Day: May 6, 2020

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COVID-19 Impact Analysis And Predictive Business Strategy By Top Companies

Pune, Maharashtra, Prudour Pvt. Ltd., April 23, 2020 (Wired Release) MarketResearch.Biz has presented a new research study offering a comprehensive analysis of the Global Adventure Tourism Market where users can benefit from a complete market research report with all the necessary useful information on this market. This is the latest report covering the current impact of COVID-19 on the market.

Click here to get the short-term and long-term impact of COVID-19 on this Market:

Key Highlights of This Research Report:

Overview: Along with a broad overview of the global Adventure Tourism Market, this section gives an overview of the report to give an idea of the nature and content of the research study.

Analysis of Strategies of Leading Players: Market players can use this analysis to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors in the Adventure Tourism Market.

Study on Key Market Trends: This section of the report offers

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Indonesia to ban air, sea travel to end-May: officials

A local wearing a face shield stands guard to check people entering his area, as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in Jakarta, Indonesia, April 23, 2020. REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia will temporarily ban domestic and international air and sea travel, with some exceptions, starting this week to prevent a further spread of the coronavirus, the transport ministry said in a statement on Friday.

The announcement came as the holy month of Ramadan began in the world’s largest Muslim majority country, and the government has already banned citizens’ traditional annual exodus from the cities to the provinces during the holiday period..

The ban on sea travel took immediate effect, but the ban on air travel will start on Saturday so that some pre-booked flights can go-ahead.

The ban will apply across-the-board until May 31. The ministry had previously given different dates for the end of the

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Why Adventure Time is Ending and Cartoon Network Didn’t Get It

“Adventure Time” was the hit that nobody saw coming, and its end is in sight. How did it manage to last this long?

“Adventure Time” has a long way to go, but in many ways, it already ended. In early February 2017, just a few months after Cartoon Network notified the team behind its most surprising breakout hit that the show was canceled, the cast finished their last round of voice work. The final episodes were written, and the saga of Finn and Jake in the magical, post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo came to a close as the cast and crew scattered to new projects. The fruits of their labor will gradually unfurl on Cartoon Network until 2018 — although the timing remains uncertain. Fans must wait for the slow march to the finale, but the creative team is moving on.

“It was bittersweet,” said head writer Kent Osborne, recalling the

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You Should Still Take Vacation Days

Illustration for article titled You Should Still Take Vacation Days

Photo: Shutterstock

If you’ve been working from home during the shutdown, the past eight weeks have probably felt twice as busy and stressful as usual. After all, you’ve had the difficult task of staying productive while learning new tools, figuring out how to communicate with remote coworkers, trying to balance productivity and parenting (not to mention homeschooling), and keeping a household running when everyday tasks like buying groceries are much more complicated than usual—plus all of the anxiety associated with living during a global pandemic.

Which means it might be time to take a vacation day.

As Kenadi Silcox explains at, if you’re working the kind of job where you have the ability to request a long weekend, it’s worth taking one—even if you won’t be leaving home.

Think of a regular vacation you’d take. When you splay out on the beach or read by

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Family Vacation Destinations That are Budget Friendly

When it comes to planning a family vacation, one of the major stumbling blocks is the price. Where can you go that is budget-friendly but also offers enough for everyone to have fun?

family vacation

There doesn’t seem to be that many at first thought, but rest assured as this list has covered. You will create memories that will last a lifetime without having to burn a huge hole in your wallet.

Here are 5 family vacation destinations that are budget-friendly.

First up it’s the Golden State. San Diego has so many things to do for the entire family that will keep everyone entertained on a budget.

Head to Balboa Park to find all kinds of interesting spots. There’s a wide range of museums and gardens to explore, playgrounds to let the kids blow off some steam, the Old Globe Theatre and more. 

You also can’t visit San Diego and not go

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CBRM Recreation

CBRM Recreation

CBRM Recreation will support sustainable local program delivery through varied leadership and administrative roles, and meet the needs of all residents by providing direct programming of events and other large-scale gatherings at locations that serve all residents.


Swimming, Skateboarding, 52 Hike Challenge, and ConnectArts are just some of the programs offered via the CBRM Recreation Department.


Whether outdoor parks, sports arenas, skateparks, or playgrounds, CBRM has many facilities to suit your recreation needs.

Funding and Community Support

CBRM Recreation also facilitates funding and in kind programs for hundreds of individuals and community organizations. Information and forms for programs can be found here.

Community Calendar

Check our community calendar for festivals, events, and programs happening throughout the CBRM.

Volunteer Awards

Recognize outstanding volunteers in our community with the annual CBRM Recreation Volunteer Awards. Nominations are accepted year round!


Need assistance? Contact our knowledgeable and enthusiastic CBRM

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Italy lets millions back to work, US restrictions easing up

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Beluga’s excellent adventure

Storms.   This trip east is always a bit nerve wracking in the spring.   No matter what route we pick, it will take us through areas that are ripe for nasty Spring weather…..Squall lines sweep through with heavy thunderstorms and/or tornadoes.
he shakes and rattles when storms approach

Since after lunch the TV has been running red banners across the screen warning of impending doom – Lewis is not a fan.   He had such a nice morning playing “fish” outside the the lush green grass.

a little second cup tug o war game with Lewis and his fish

don’t tell him he has grass on his noses, he’s quite vain

We’re at a very nice little campground in Danville, Missouri.   We arrived late yesterday afternoon after a long and windy drive from Salina, Kansas.    We decided to stay put for another night to rest and recoup.    The check in woman was

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