Day: June 14, 2020

Clark Pool To Reopen As Murphy Lifts Coronavirus Closure

CLARK, NJ — As temperatures reach the 90s this week, Clark announced its township pool will reopen on June 22 amid the coronavirus.

Gov. Phil Murphy announced on Monday that municipal and private-club swimming pools can reopen with rules and guidelines in place.

“Please keep in mind there will be a list of restrictions and I assure you it will NOT be a typical summer at the Clark Pool. With that said, we will do everything in our power to follow the guidelines and restrictions to keep our staff and members safe, but we need your cooperation, understanding and patience,” said Clark Director of Recreation Ralph Bernardo.

The hold on online registration was removed Wednesday. Residents must register and pay online at, click Clark Recreation under the Community tab.

For those who can not register online, they can print a membership form off of, fill it out and

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How much coronavirus risk is there in common travel activities? We asked an expert

Travel in the middle of a global pandemic presents challenges, with each activity carrying its own level of risk for coronavirus.

Joseph Khabbaza, a pulmonary and critical care physician at the Cleveland Clinic, said some of the biggest questions he’s getting relate to travel activities. 

Khabbaza, who treats coronavirus patients, said the primary path of transmission is contacts with respiratory droplets produced by infected people. Face masks, physical distancing, frequent handwashing and cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces have become standard across the travel sector.  

“Every industry has interventions in place to make things safer,” he said.

The Cleveland Clinic has been helping United Airlines develop its coronavirus mitigation policies, including mandatory face masks, touchless kiosks and physical distancing.

“Companies are bringing in outside health experts,” Khabbaza said. “That can be a little bit reassuring.”

Khabbaza, who’s taking a 500-mile road trip with his family to Long Island, New York, offered

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Feeling wanderlust in quarantine but not ready or able to travel? Plan a virtual vacation

As flights get canceled and vacations to faraway places get put on the back burner for an unknown time when life will go back to “normal,” it can seem challenging to think about traveling right now and heartbreaking to acknowledge your trip’s demise.

Enter the answer to your travel woes. Out: real vacations. In: virtual vacations. 

When it became clear my April trip to Paris wasn’t going to happen because of the coronavirus pandemic, I decided to plan an entire day to recreate the magic of the City of Love and bring the trip to my one-bedroom apartment in New Jersey.

Even though I couldn’t stroll through the streets of Paris – or do any of the activities on my miles-long itinerary – I could cook a ton of French food and take pictures in front of a makeshift Eiffel Tower.

Staying Apart, Together: A newsletter about how to cope

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What will holidays / travel look like after coronavirus lockdown?

Travel, the luxury most of us took for granted up until March, has never felt more needed, with many of us desperate to swap the four walls that kept us safe in isolation for the white-washed stone of a Spanish villa. But from self-cleaning hotel rooms to temperature checks at airports, what will holidays actually look like post-coronavirus lockdown?

The reality is that travel as we know it has changed for the foreseeable future. Gone are on a whim weekend breaks to European cities and nights in far-flung, cheap as chips hostels. As we all come to terms with lengthy quarantines, health checks and levels of accommodation hygiene that would put Queen of Clean Marie Kondo to shame, things are likely to look pretty different when it comes to your annual leave.

The good news is that the desire to travel hasn’t left us. Numerous surveys indicate most Brits can’t

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Rhode Island hotel owners frustrated with lack of guidance regarding out-of-state visitors during coronavirus

NEWPORT, R.I. — Hotel owners and operators say they need a target date from state officials so they can begin booking out-of-state guests who won’t face a 14-day quarantine upon arrival, reports the Providence Journal, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network.

“Without a target date, we can’t market and plan,” said Kate DeCosta, chief operating officer for the Newport Experience, which operates the OceanCliff Hotel. “Without a date, we can’t start booking rooms. Every day we can’t do that, we are held back from recapturing lost revenues. It’s a double whammy now.”

“I’m hoping it’s the first week of June that the quarantine is lifted, but by July 1 at the latest,” said Walter Andrews, general manager of the Newport Marriott, the largest hotel in the city with 320 rooms. “It’s crucial we have a date. I can’t make a move without direction from the state.”


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The best kids movies on Netflix right now

It’s difficult to be stuck inside with the kids, especially with today’s current events. With more families taking to streaming, Netflix has an abundance of programs and films for kids. From fantasy to sci-fi to adventure to learning, there is an entire enriching array of choices. Additionally, Netflix has introduced interactive films, where kids can choose their own adventure and decide how the story plays out. Below is a list of films for families to explore. From the interactive adventure of Minecraft: Story Mode to the heartwarming tale of Klaus, this is a great list to start with on Netflix.

Deep in an undisclosed location, scientists successfully create the most powerful Pokémon in existence, Mewtwo. Realizing he’s being used as the ultimate weapon, Mewtwo breaks free of the lab and wishes to fight the best Pokémon trainers in the world to get back at the humans who wronged him. Ash, Read More

Ready for a post-lockdown vacation but short on cash? Here’s how to do a super-cheap vacation

After a long lockdown, America’s ready for a little time off. But with the economy taking a beating, no one wants to pay for it. So is there a way to take a free vacation?

Of course there is. 

“I long to get out and begin traveling again,” says Linda Malys Yore, a travel blogger from Tampa, Florida. “During quarantine, I carefully monitored my money, resisting the urge to make nonessential purchases online. Travel is my big picture – and I am zeroing in on that goal.”

Her strategies may sound familiar. They include choosing a less expensive way to travel, using her reward points, and pinching pennies on the road. But post-pandemic, travelers like her are taking the money-saving to a surprising extreme.

Ways to take a cheap vacation 

Here are the top free or low-cost vacations after the coronavirus:

  • A staycation

  • Camping

  • Vacation rentals

  • Couch-surfing

Is coronavirus canceling

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Consumers Are Trading in Summer Vacation Plans for the Great Outdoors

Click here to read the full article.

As Americans continue to make changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, new summer vacation trends have begun to emerge.

After weeks, and in some cases months, of staying indoors many have started looking at camping and road trips as the ideal social distancing activity. According to NPD Group, as national parks and other parts of the country begin to reopen, key camping, RV and road trip items are seeing double and triple-digit growth.

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Data from the 2020 North American Camping report, by Kampgrounds of America in April, found that while timing remains unclear for when Americans will feel comfortable enough to start traveling there are indications that camping is well-positioned to rebound quicker than other types of travel. Moreover, the COVID-19 crisis has drawn more campers and first-time campers to the activity.

NPD’s retail sales data supports these findings, showing

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What a hotel stay looks like amid coronavirus

Contactless check-in and check-out. Employees wearing masks and gloves. Grab-and-go food options. 

The next time you stay at a hotel, your hygiene experience will be different because of the coronavirus pandemic. A lot different.

Hotels across the hospitality industry updated their cleanliness procedures during the past few weeks in a sweeping effort to boost confidence among wary travelers. Industry executives on recent earnings calls have been hopeful about leisure travel demand starting to pick up – and it has, slightly – but overall occupancy levels at chains such as Hilton and Marriott remain low.

“Now the challenge for hotels is how you deliver a welcoming service encounter as well as ensure the safety and health of your employees and guests,” said Linda Canina, a professor at The Hotel School in Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business.

Here’s a look at what you can expect when you next visit a

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Airbnb-NYC Settlement Means Hosts Will Have to Pay Taxes or Leave the Platform

Ending a years-long skirmish over complying with short-term rental regulations, Airbnb and New York City reached a settlement that requires Airbnb to provide the city with host information, including names, physical addresses, phone numbers and emails. If hosts don’t consent to the data transfer, they would be barred from listing their properties on the platform.

That Airbnb consented to such a settlement in one of its biggest global markets may have implications for other cities.

With some exceptions, such as for private and shared-room listings and properties that were listed for fewer than four nights in the previous quarter, New York hosts would be subject to paying state sales and use tax, New York City hotel occupancy taxes, and city and state nightly room fees.

“This information will only be provided for hosts who have consented — but hosts who do not consent will not be able to list their

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