Day: June 16, 2020

These Massage Therapists Worry About the Effects of COVID-19 on the Future of Their Industry

While the pandemic has been difficult for many, for those who are in the business of touch, the pain of social distancing has cut a level deeper. Relying entirely on in-person, hands-on services, massage therapists saw their business wiped out entirely in the blink of an eye when social distancing became a nearly ubiquitous mandate.

While their business has been on ice, some massage therapists have already pivoted to new ventures, while others are holding the line until they can return to what they know best. Areefa Mohamed, a New York City-based massage therapist who has been practicing for 10 years now, relates all too well. She’s found herself completely out of work since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. “COVID-19 has affected me as a therapist because we are not physically able to help clients or to physically work. It’s a scary time and not being able to alleviate

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Pandemic Prompts Indie Hotels to Buy Ads in Price-Comparison Searches

The coronavirus pandemic has made many hotel companies more eager for direct bookings. Price-comparison websites are a significant source of such bookings, and new tools are making it easier for smaller hoteliers to ramp up their ad purchases on these metasearch brands.

Until now, independent hotels and regional hotel groups haven’t spent on metasearch. Yet some technological and cost barriers are falling away for smaller players. Plus, the sector’s revenue crisis has driven some desperate hoteliers to try new things.

“Many small hotels are operating at low capacity,” said Richard Clarke, a senior analyst at Bernstein Research who covers European leisure and hotels. “If I’m a hotel manager, I know I’m not going to be refurbishing the property. So I can use my extra time to see how to use metasearch to cut my biggest cost line after labor, which is distribution — which is about 30 percent hotel profitability.”

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Tired of Your Backyard Decor? Wayfair’s Huge Patio Sale is Here to Save the Day

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If your outdoor space could use a little TLC, then we have some news you’re going to love. As part of Wayfair’s Way More Outdoor Deals event, they’re offering steals on patio furniture, decor, and more through August 18 (but don’t wait too long or your wish list may disappear). You’ve probably canceled that tropical vacation this summer, so put that money to good use and allocate it into your backyard make over budget. You can save up to 65-percent off anything from a hot tub (yes, please) to a chaise lounge, so don’t hesitate to drop a few essentials into your cart. If there’s any time to flex those interior design muscles, the time is now.

From basics like chic seating to some fun outdoor games to keep everyone entertained while at home, there’s sure to be something to catch your eye.

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Air bridges to be announced by end of June

Air bridges enabling holidaymakers to travel overseas without entering self-isolation when they return will be announced by the end of June, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has indicated.

The Government is “actively working” on introducing travel corridors, he told LBC Radio, amid widespread concerns the quarantine policy is crippling the travel and tourism industry.

“We won’t be in a position to announce which countries – where reciprocal arrangements go in place – until the 29th,” he said. “So don’t expect anything this week, I think I’m right in saying it’s only the end of next week.”

June 29 is the date for the Government’s first review of its controversial quarantine policy, which came into force last week, and requires most international arrivals into the UK to enter into self-isolation for 14 days.

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All your questions about travelling abroad answered

For many, it felt like summer was cancelled as soon as Matt Hancock said as much on ITV’s This Morning back in early May.

“I think that’s likely to be the case,” the health secretary answered when asked if summer would be effectively “cancelled” for the first time since the Second World War.

But there are now glimmers of hope that something could be salvaged as Britain’s lockdown restrictions continue to ease. Here are your questions answered.

Will I be able to go on holiday this summer?

This is contingent on several factors: the current Foreign Office blanket ban on all international travel being lifted; the host country being willing to accept tourists from the UK; no quarantine being imposed upon arrival or return to the UK; the ability to get to the airport; and the ability to fly or otherwise travel to your chosen destination.

While the FCO travel

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Alex Howes’ top 10 gravel riding tips

Alex Howes might be one of the most experienced male road riders in the WorldTour but the US national road race champion is just as comfortable on a gravel bike as he is in the Tour de France mountains.

The versatile 32-year-old has raced a number of high-profile gravel races and, during lockdown, has embarked on some mammoth off-road rides. He has taken his wealth of knowledge to share his top 10 gravel riding tips. 

Whether you’re a convert from the road or just new to cycling and want to dabble in some gravel riding, you’ll find useful information right here.

1. Wiggle your big toe

It’s funny because a few weeks ago, after I did my long ride from Colorado to Kansas, my team, EF Pro Cycling, asked me for the first tip or piece of advice that I could offer. I’ll admit, I was pretty exhausted at the

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Aboriginal Australian musicians find new fans in virus shutdown

Aboriginal musician Andrew Gurruwiwi usually performs for a few hundred people in Australia’s remote far north. But during the virus shutdown his audience has swelled to nearly 120,000 around the world.

Gurruwiwi’s eponymous band is the breakout success of a series of concerts being broadcast online while the coronavirus pandemic has seen Australia’s indigenous communities tightly sealed off from the rest of the country over health concerns.

“East Arnhem Live” featured Gurruwiwi performing a 20-minute set against a backdrop of exposed red-and-white bluffs and the setting sun.

“All this coronavirus that’s been happening here (means) no shows, no music, no anything,” the artist told AFP, adding the shows were launched to “make people happy”.

Musicians around the world have migrated online after COVID-19 forced venues to close.

But organisers in Arnhem Land say the response to virtual performances from the isolated corner of Australia’s Northern Territory has far surpassed expectations,

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I Finally Got Into Yoga, and I Have Online Classes to Thank

The last couple of months have taught a lot of us that working out at home can actually be fun and effective. As someone who used to be only motivated when I was in a fitness studio class, feeding off the energy of the instructor and the other people working out alongside me, I’ve changed my mind about at-home exercise.

Now, I’ve gotten into a routine, and I’m pretty sure I work out a lot more than I used to because it’s so convenient to just turn on my laptop and stream a workout. And because I’m working out solo, I’ve been feeling more adventurous to try new types of workouts. I’ve always stuck to indoor cycling and barre classes because I felt pretty competent with them and never really tried anything else because I was afraid of making a fool out of myself in class. But since I have

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Loro Piana’s Fabio D’Angelantonio on Ginza Store, Love Letter to Japan

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MILAN — Loro Piana’s precious and soft textiles moved by the wind were the inspiration for the vibrating texture of the facade of the brand’s new flagship in Tokyo’s Ginza.

“This is the first time we express the brand through architecture and the facade is up to our ambitions, given the impact of the building, which is so evocative of the brand,” said Loro Piana chief executive officer Fabio d’Angelantonio proudly. “We’ve long wanted to have a presence in Ginza and the brand has a storied presence in Japan, so this is a very symbolic and important moment for us.”

Due to the coronavirus restrictions, the opening of the store was postponed from April to early last week, representing a sign of hope for the future. The company is evaluating the possibility of holding an event to mark the opening in the second

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