Day: June 17, 2020

8 Top-Rated Hammocks for Backyard, Beach, or Campsite Relaxing

Picture this: You’re lounging in a warm spot outside with just enough shade overhead to keep you cool as your body gently sways side to side, safely cocooned in a hammock. If that sounds like an ideal way to spend a summer day, it’s time to invest in the timeless outdoor accessory.

No matter your needs or style, there’s a hammock that’s just right for you. If you’re looking for adventure, you can invest in a highly portable hammock to bring along with you on a camping trip or day hike. There are plenty of options that easily pack up into compact bags you can fit into a backpack and set up once you reach your destination. Or, if relaxing at home is more your thing, you can order a stylish hammock that will fit in with the rest of your patio furniture and outdoor decor. Many already come with

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What you need to know before your first post-quarantine camping trip

 <span class="copyright">(Nazario Graziano / For The Times)</span>
(Nazario Graziano / For The Times)

Jo Manganello is keeping a close eye on the number of reservations at a campground in the San Bernardino Mountains she hopes to visit with her husband and young son. “Right now, it’s less than 50% capacity,” she said.

The 39-year-old from Glendale has a medical condition that puts her at higher risk of getting COVID-19. Though her doctor signed off on the trip, she’s being extra careful. She changed her vacation plans to visit midweek when campgrounds typically are less busy. And she picked a venue where campsites are spaced “farther apart than I am from my neighbors at home.”

Still, the vacation may be delayed. “I’m watching the campground,” Manganello said. “If it gets too crowded, we may have to move to a different date.”

Welcome to camping during the coronavirus pandemic. Cooped-up Americans who were forced to stop traveling in March

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Southwest Boosts Safety Measures, Offers Tickets for $49

Southwest Airlines Co LUV will keep its middle seats open through at least Sep 30, 2020 in order to maintain physical distancing among passengers. However, customers have the option to choose their seats without the airline blocking or directing seating. Families or customers traveling in a group may also sit together.

Since May, Southwest’s customers have been required to wear face coverings or masks while aboard the aircraft. The carrier has added an important safety measure to boost confidence among travelers. Effective Jun 16, customers are being required to complete a Health Declaration before they become eligible to fly. In the Health Declaration, which needs to be acknowledged during the online check-in process, customers need to confirm that they do not have symptoms of COVID-19 and that they have not had the disease or have not been exposed to the disease in any way in the 14 days prior to

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A visit to an Egyptian orphanage marked the start of a life-changing journey

Egypt's Nile river is well and truly steeped in ancient history - istock
Egypt’s Nile river is well and truly steeped in ancient history – istock

Amid all Egypt’s great wonders, it was a visit to a backstreet orphanage in Luxor that marked the start of a life-changing journey

At the Saatchi Gallery I stand before a black Tutankhamun, his skin representing the fertile, life-giving silt of the Nile. My mind is cast back to a time years earlier when I stood with my husband on the banks of that great serpentine river. 

The vast, serene waters gleam in the orange air. A felucca casts a wing-like sail across a low Egyptian sun, fronds of palm trees on the far bank visible across the water. From my hotel balcony in Luxor, I am stilled by the scene. The tranquillity is healing, and exactly what I need. 

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for a year. Until recently, I hadn’t

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Cedar Point Amusement Park Is Set To Reopen On July 9, But There Will Be New Policies In Place

Photo credit: Natalia Fedosenko - Getty Images
Photo credit: Natalia Fedosenko – Getty Images

From Delish

It goes without saying that summer 2020 looks different than the summers we’re used to. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, activities like eating out, going to the beach, and going to amusement parks have been put on hold for the safety of visitors and employees. As some states phase into their reopening of non-essential businesses, the latter are making plans to reopen safely.

For the most part, there are some precautions being taken across the board. Face masks are required at all of the parks, although the age requirement for kids to wear them may differ from place to place. Other policies, like more frequent cleaning of high traffic areas, social distancing, and reserving tickets in advance to control capacity are all pretty standard across the board for amusement parks so far. To reserve your tickets and to read up on

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How our obsession with meetings could be harming business

Now more than ever, business meetings need to be clear, concise and efficient if they’re going to be effective.

We’ve all been in bad business meetings. Time goes by slowly with seemingly little advantage to anyone, except perhaps the egos of determined presenters. The whole process can feel like an exercise in futility.

At their best, meetings enable staff to share ideas, develop strategies and ensure everyone involved has the necessary tools to ensure a business can run smoothly. Well-run and well-structured meetings clarify business aims and act as a rallying call to those involved, providing the impetus for a company’s direction of travel.

At their worst, meetings are an unnecessary drain of staff’s time and company money, sowing confusion rather than clarity, causing rifts in business relationships, and creating additional work with no tangible benefit.

The new normal

Even before the coronavirus pandemic shifted all business meetings online,

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Here’s What’s Opened, Closed Or Modified In Phase 2

CONNECTICUT — The state will enter its second reopening phase June 17 just in time for Father’s Day weekend. Things like indoor dining, gyms and movie theaters will make their return albeit under strict rules that will define our “new normal.”

Around 95 percent of Connecticut’s economy will be reopen in the second phase, Gov. Ned Lamont said. The third reopening phase will take place sometime in mid-July as long as the state maintains the course in keeping coronavirus infections and hospitalizations under control.

Lamont’s administration has moved away from its target goal of 100,000 coronavirus tests per week for the state. State COO Josh Geballe said during a news conference that the state would continue to focus on high-risk settings such as nursing homes, prisons, healthcare and other essential workers. In addition, anyone with possible coronavirus symptoms should get tested, he said. There has been mixed messages from the

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Can I go on holiday this summer and will I have to quarantine?

For many, it felt like summer was cancelled as soon as Matt Hancock said as much on ITV’s This Morning back in early May.

“I think that’s likely to be the case,” the health secretary answered when asked if summer would be effectively “cancelled” for the first time since the Second World War.

But there are now glimmers of hope that something could be salvaged as Britain’s lockdown restrictions continue to ease. Here are your questions answered.

Will I be able to go on holiday this summer?

This is contingent on several factors: the current Foreign Office blanket ban on all international travel being lifted; the host country being willing to accept tourists from the UK; no quarantine being imposed upon arrival or return to the UK; the ability to get to the airport; and the ability to fly or otherwise travel to your chosen destination.

While the FCO travel

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How Journalists Sold America the Story of Heroic Britain in 1940

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Of the myths initiated in the summer of 1940, none was more essential than that Britons were “all in it together”. This image of a united people was a brilliant invention. It worked because it actually inspired the conduct it purported to describe and had the added benefit of influencing American opinion. Convincing Americans that Britain was capable of fighting on was an urgent priority. American journalists contributed enormously to its achievement.

Isolationism, the belief that America should avoid involvement in foreign wars, had widespread support in 1940. Joseph Kennedy, US ambassador in London, warned the State Department against involvement. Noting Churchill’s hunger for American aid, Kennedy advised: “Unless there is a miracle, they realise they haven’t a chance in the long run.”

Such official pessimism was reinforced by questions about why, if it was a democracy, Britain still had an empire. There

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Game changer or just another quarantine quirk?

Ah, Animal Crossing and COVID-19: the peanut butter and jelly of our dystopian times. If ever there was a combination to bring gaming into mainstream acceptance, this is it — a captivating, charming game of make-believe against a backdrop of viral terror.

Life as we know it came to a halt this spring as the coronavirus disrupted and claimed lives around the globe. A few weeks into this living hell (which began in early March for many Americans and continues to kill ), Nintendo released Animal Crossing: New Horizons on March 20. 

Did the quarantine mania of ACNH actually change anything about how the world relates to gaming?

The social-simulation game — thematically centered on the ease of island life and the appeal of talking animals — sold over 13 million physical and digital copies in its first six weeks. According to Nintendo’s fiscal reporting, that makes ACNH the highest

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