Day: June 21, 2020

It’s not too late. A vision board can help you make those 2020 goals a reality

Looking for a creative, colorful way to make your dreams and goals feel more accessible than ever? Try vision boards, the Pinterest-friendly art project that advocates swear makes you more likely to achieve your goals.

TODAY spoke to two experts in the field, both who have been making vision boards for years, about how the boards can really help you meet your goals and for some tips on how to get started on the project.

Try this creative approach to visualization. (Getty Images)
Try this creative approach to visualization. (Getty Images)

What are vision boards?

A vision board is simply a physical reminder of what you hope to achieve in a certain timeframe. Typically featuring photos, words, and other visual displays, advocates for vision boards say that you can use them for anything from material goals to workplace achievements to lifestyle changes, but emphasize using them to highlight larger dreams.

“I would say, material things are all well

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9 Swimsuit Brands Stylish Celebs Can’t Stop Wearing

In case you couldn’t feel it in the air, swimsuit season is upon us, folks. Your pool and beach days may look a little different this year, but it’s still time to break out the stringy bikinis and sleek one-pieces — just check out your favorite celebrities’ Instagram accounts. Even though travel’s not an option for most people this year, that hasn’t stopped celebs from rocking stylish swimsuits to lounge outdoors or hang out by their backyard pools.

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And while fame and fortune can surely make it easier to collect an impressive swimsuit wardrobe, there are certain swimwear labels stars keep coming back to that are actually accessible for the rest of us. So take a piece of style advice from A-listers like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Gabrielle Union, Lili Reinhart, Olivia Culpo, Jennifer Lopez,

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Wilton Parks And Recreation Set To Open Camp Looper And Cool Tots

News Release Submitted by the Town of Wilton

Parks and Recreation is officially hosting a 2020 session of summer camp at Comstock Community Center while taking numerous steps to ensure the safety and peace of mind of campers, parents, and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Camp Looper and Cool Tots will be reminiscent of previous years, but with some unique twists to maintain compliance with State and Town public health guidelines. Parks and Recreation staff have worked diligently to make camp the best experience possible in the current climate.

Campers can expect to have familiar schedules to previous summers. Although the formerly robust travel schedule will not be present, some favorites such as Ice Cream Emergency and Dave’s Planet Pizza will be making guest appearances throughout the summer. There will also be some surprise virtual visits. Every program and activity will be designed to provide campers with leadership opportunities, academic

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