Day: June 26, 2020

Unusual activities you can do only in Hong Kong

Enough of quarantine and social distancing and it is time to board Cathay Pacific flights to Hong Kong and do some alternative and quirky things apart from visiting famous places. We have time and again said you about the places, restaurants and things to do in Hong Kong but now for a change let us focus on funny and unimaginable things you can only do in this city and nowhere else in the world.


  • Visit Player 11, the only place where you can play life-size billiard. To play this game you need to get on the giant pool table and use your total body to pocket the ball. After all, when the ball is bowling-sized your arm and wrist aren’t enough to shoot it.
  • Roam the abandoned Ma Wan village-popularly called the ghost town but only if your guts permit as it looks nothing less to any popular ghost
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