Day: August 6, 2020

As St. Augustine advances vacation rental policies, legal pressure follows – News – The St. Augustine Record

St. Augustine is facing a wave of legal pressure over its vacation rental regulations.

The city adopted a series of rules for short-term rental operators this year but has yet to begin enforcing the rules. The city plans to start collecting fees and begin enforcing the rules in October.

But the city is facing dozens of lawsuits from property owners who are opposed to the regulations, said Attorney Keith Brady, speaking on The 904 Now online broadcast.

“We’ve already started the process for well over 40 suits, putting them at risk of more than $50 million,” Brady said. “And we’re not going to stop. We’re not going to go away.”

Brady said attorneys are working on cases that have different focuses. One set of cases says the city’s regulations go well beyond what is necessary.

“We were counseled by the nation’s largest property rights nonprofit, and they showed us all

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Monument-based bestselling author still on a mission for kids after many worldly adventures | Lifestyle

Sally Clarkson can’t remember the last time she stayed in one place like this.

Her work as a bestselling author and speaker and in Christian ministry requires lots of travel throughout the year. Or at least that’s the way it had been since her 20s, when the recent college grad traveled to Communist Eastern Europe and Vienna, Austria, to start her journey in overseas missions.

The adventure didn’t stop there.

When introducing herself, Clarkson often tosses out this fun fact: She has moved 19 times, including six times internationally.

It gives people a glimpse into the 67-year-old’s life filled with constant dreaming, reading, writing, mentoring and mothering. But just a glimpse.

In recent months, she hasn’t been going much of anywhere as COVID-19 canceled her travel plans and speaking engagements.

So she’s been home in Monument more than ever. From this house, she’s been blogging; hosting her podcast; managing Whole

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