Day: August 12, 2020

Is This What the Hotels of Tomorrow Will Look Like?

The Hotel of Tomorrow Project, a global think tank spearheaded by Chicago-based hospitality design and consulting firm Gettys Group, is making a big announcement this week. Since June, it has been developing concepts that aim to address the significant industry-wide challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. The 325 participants include hotel owners, designers, architects, and hospitality educators,  hospitality educators, and representatives hailing from a range of lodging companies and brands—such as citizenM, Four Seasons, Hilton, IHG, and Marriott.

“The COVID crisis has created a need for answers to questions hotels couldn’t answer on their own,” Ron Swidler, the Gettys Group chief innovation officer, says to AD PRO. “Our goal is not to figure out how to clean hotels better or how to create better signage but to find long-lasting solutions.” The group is releasing four bold ideas that could one day inspire future trends in hotel design.

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Will the Royals Let the Queen and Prince Philip Have a Peaceful Vacation?

Her favorite gold stag brooch and redoubtable headscarf were the Queen’s sartorial signal that she was on holiday. On Tuesday, she and Prince Philip were photographed arriving at Balmoral for a near two-month stay at their summer-getaway Scottish castle where—given the royal family’s year thus far—one could quite understand if the couple got inside and dead-bolted the door, pausing briefly to give a hearty one-fingered salute to the outside world.

They will, it is reported, be visited by family members observing social distancing measures. Since March, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh—94 and 99 years old, respectively—have been sequestered at Windsor Castle during the COVID-19 crisis, attended by a coterie of servants and aides. Prince Charles, who contracted and survived the coronavirus himself, has spoken about how difficult it was not to be able to be around family. 

The circus of royal drama has not stopped during the pandemic,

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Here’s Why You Might Want One

Back in December, Deloitte released its comprehensive technology predictions for 2020, and foresaw a bull market for cycling – especially E-bikes. “We predict that tens of billions of additional bicycle trips per year will take place in 2022 over 2019 levels. This increase in bicycling will double the number of regular bicycle users in many major cities around the world where cycling to work is still uncommon.”

Deloitte noted that the first patent for an E-bike dates to 1895, and as recently as 2012, these electrified bicycles represented just a tiny niche in the industry. Not anymore – E-bikes began booming a few years ago and have since exploded in popularity. Deloitte predicted they will get hotter still, anticipating a “surge”

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