Month: September 2020

Outdoor adventure gear rentals go strong | Business

The Fourth of July is generally a super busy time at Rendezvous River Sports, where water enthusiasts rent kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards and all sorts of other gear for their adventures on lakes and rivers.

This year “the entire month of July was like the Fourth of July,” floor manager Kase Paul said. And it didn’t stop there. As of last week, when he spoke to the News&Guide, things were still going “pretty much full throttle.”

“It was probably our busiest summer of rentals that we’ve had in a while,” Paul said.

Rendezvous was not the only outdoors specialist to have a good summer, contrary to widespread trepidation in the spring. Businesses that supply the stuff and services for people to enjoy Jackson’s bike paths, trails, campsites and waterways saw business boom or at least not fall off as much as they’d feared because of the pandemic.

“I don’t

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Hurricane preparedness buying guide

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It is currently peak hurricane season in the Atlantic, according to the National Hurricane Center: Hurricane season generally begins in June for the Atlantic and mid-May for the Eastern Pacific region, lasting until the end of November. The varying severity of hurricanes and tropical storms can bring forth damage, of course, from a few knocked-down trees to heftier property damage and loss of electricity, as we saw this year with Tropical Storm Isaias and as some are experiencing currently with Hurricane Sally. Depending on where you live, you may already have hurricane-first measures in place such as storm shutters

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Major Airlines and Hotels Have Reportedly Failed to Fix Cybersecurity Issues

A recent investigation by Which?, conducted in collaboration with security experts 6point6, revealed that even some of the world’s largest travel and hospitality operators have failed to address vulnerabilities in their online platforms’ security, despite the fact that some have already suffered high-profile data leaks.

a person using a laptop computer sitting on top of a keyboard: Cyber attacker.

© iStock/Getty Images Plus/scyther5
Cyber attacker.

Experts assessed the cybersecurity of 98 different travel companies and exposed hundreds of vulnerabilities that exist on the websites of major airlines, hotel chains, cruise lines, tour operators and booking sites. The investigation’s findings were collected in June 2020.

Marriott, British Airways and EasyJet were among the five worst companies when it came to gaps in data security, having potentially the most serious and highest number of risks. All three firms have already suffered cybersecurity breaches that collectively exposed around 350 million customers’ private information details on the dark web and resulted in Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regulators proposing

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Netflix’s Unlimited Vacation Policy Took Years to Get Right. It’s a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence

Several years ago, Netflix introduced a controversial employee policy that other companies would attempt to imitate. The policy eventually became known as “unlimited vacation.”

Unlimited vacation, which Netflix actually refers to as the “No Vacation Policy,” in essence puts employees in charge of deciding for themselves when to work and when to take a break. Advocates of the policy love the freedom and flexibility unlimited vacation offers. But opponents claim it actually undermines employee freedom, as people end up working more out of fear of losing their jobs.

In his new book, No Rules Rules, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings tells the story of how the no vacation policy came into existence. In the process, he explains where many companies that try to implement the policy go wrong, and how a little emotional intelligence can help you make it right.

How it started

Until 2003, Hastings says, Netflix allocated and tracked

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Fall is a season of hope for N.H. tourism

As the air turns crisp and New England’s characteristic fall colors begin to emerge, New Hampshire businesses are bracing for a leaf-peeping season that could look quite a bit different than in years past.

Travelers coming to the Granite State will encounter some noticeable changes this year, such as the requirement that visitors from outside New England must quarantine for 14 days before their arrival. But the number of visitors planning to come to the state, and their impact on the hard-hit tourism industry, remains to be seen.

According to Lori Harnois, tourism director for the N.H. Division of Tourism and Travel Development, New Hampshire’s tourism industry appeared to perform strongly in July and August this year, based on the collection of state meals and rooms tax and feedback from businesses. It’s less clear what the autumn season will look like, and with all of the variables at play in

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Fall colors will peak over next few weeks in Colorado; see our complete guide here

DENVER (KDVR) — Is the severe drought going to limit fall colors this year? It is possible. Leaves are already changing across the state but it may be short lived. We have heard so many different assessments from, “There will be no color this season” to, “most trees will just turn brown and drop their leaves”. 

You might recall last fall color last year emerged later than normal after a huge winter and moisture surplus.


Expect to see patches where trees turn very early then drop leaves early.  But, the majority of mountain zones will reach peak color during the times listed on our map. 

Overall, the majority of mountain zones are running about a week early.  This is especially true in the Southern Mountains where extreme drought has been in place since April.  Trees are stressed.
Lower elevations including Denver can expect peak color in

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Here’s How To Fly To The South Pole On A Gulfstream G5 And Cruise Antarctica On A Superyacht

Exploring Antarctica has always been “exclusive” simply because it’s hard to get to, the weather can be harsh, and thankfully, we humans haven’t developed it too much…yet.

And there are in fact, several different levels of luxury one can employ to “explore” Antarctica. But now that two highly experienced luxury polar expedition companies have teamed up to offer a 24-day tour they simply call “Ultimate Antarctica,” they may have organized the most exclusive (and socially distanced) vacation in the world.

The unique 24-day trip is the result of collaboration between two highly experienced polar tour companies—White Desert and Cookson Adventures—which were both founded by record-breaking polar explorers.

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The World’s First Entirely Virtual Art Museum Is Open for Visitors | Travel

As museums have been forced to close their doors in the midst of Covid-19, many of these cultural institutions have proven just how nimble they can be, temporarily shifting their exhibitions from in-person events to online-only experiences. However, one museum in particular is waging its bets that virtual programming will be the new way of presenting art to a wide audience.

Launched just last week, the Virtual Online Museum of Art (VOMA) is the world’s first museum of its kind. More than just an online gallery, VOMA is 100 percent virtual, from the paintings and drawings hanging on the walls to the museum’s computer-generated building itself, giving viewers an entirely new way of experiencing art that transports them to an art space without having to leave their computers.

The idea for VOMA came about during the early stages of the internet—1999 to be exact—when Stuart Semple, the museum’s creator and

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Intrepid launches single-location tours for families: Travel Weekly

Citing unprecedented demand for family trips over the last several months, Intrepid Travel today announced the launch of retreat-style, small-group tours that are based in a single location.

The four Family Retreats itineraries include three-, four- and five-day trips for groups of up to 12 in Morocco’s Mt. Toubkal National Park, Turkey’s Mediterranean coast and England’s Cornish countryside.

The trips enable groups to immerse themselves in one location in handpicked accommodations with nearby experiences. Intrepid said its new tour style “celebrates ‘slow travel’ and allows adventurers to engage with the surrounding communities away from the crowds and in a more controlled setting.”

Each itinerary has also been designed to benefit local communities affected by the pandemic, the company said.

Intrepid said the family itineraries were developed after it found that a quarter of the top 25 itineraries booked by its customers over the past three months have been family-themed tours,

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NSB’s Florida Local market goes mobile, soon to travel the state in vintage trailer

Oranges, alligators, sunshine, beaches — all these Florida icons and more are celebrated at the Florida Local market. 

a woman standing in front of a bus: Co-founders of The Florida Local market Alonda McCarty, left, and Chelsea Preston, stand beside their brick and mortar location on Julia Street in New Smyrna Beach. They will run the shop out of their Avion bus, pictured, and travel around Florida.

© Photo provided
Co-founders of The Florida Local market Alonda McCarty, left, and Chelsea Preston, stand beside their brick and mortar location on Julia Street in New Smyrna Beach. They will run the shop out of their Avion bus, pictured, and travel around Florida.

Chelsea Preston and Alonda McCarty opened their shop selling Florida artisan-made goods, including art, decor, T-shirts and books, in a quaint building on Julia Street in New Smyrna Beach in June 2019.

“We saw that there wasn’t really even a place to go shop to try to find a truly local product. We were like, ‘Hey, this is something we would really like to see in New Smyrna,’” Preston said. “We wanted to have somewhere that visitors and locals can say, ‘Hey, I got this genuine Florida local

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