Emirates Airlines is a United Arab Emirates airline that has, over time, built its reputation to an unbeatable level that other airlines now try to copy their system of operation. There are lots of reports about them, but let’s take a look at a story that we gathered about them in May 2016.

By the end of March 2016, despite the global economic and political challenges the company faced. They were able to still end the year with a profit amounting to $2.2 billion, which is fifty percent above what they gained the previous year. They were able to meet up with a business activity that took up to a passenger and cargo capacity of 56.4 billion available Tonne kilometers, making them the world’s international airline. They did not relent in their service to the public and annually tries to increase their capacity by 11%, which has of today they … Read More

Planning a Trip to Pune? Here’s What You Should Know

Pune is undoubtedly a perfect blend of old traditions and a modern lifestyle. Despite massive shopping centers and corporate sectors, it is also the greenest city of India. So, if you are looking for a job or seeking quality education, you might consider this beautiful city. Simply book a roundtrip Pune to New Delhi flight and you’ll be transported to a land of cultural and ethnic diversity.

Whatever may be your reason for visiting the city, here’s what you need to know for a memorable trip.

The Weather

As soon as you land via your flight from Delhi to Pune, you’ll be greeted by extremely pleasant weather. Delhi is known for harsh temperatures. But here, the temperature remains moderate through the year. There’s a perfect balance of humidity, warmth and chill. In fact, the lush greenery helps keep the climate cool, which is a great relief during summers. Even if … Read More

Bahamas Vacations – Bahamas Vacation Travel Resources

Bahamas Vacations – Bahamas Vacation Travel Resources
bahamas vacation
travel caribbean bahamas

Experience a Bahamas Vacation
: Escape to The Islands of The Bahamas.

The Bahamas is the most popular vacation destination in The
Caribbean. One visit and you will know why. With 700 islands and cays,
surrounded by some of the most beautiful water on earth, there is enough to do
and explore to keep you coming back for more. From the excitement of deep-sea
fishing, diving with sharks and world class casino gambling to enjoying a Bahama
mama in a swim-up bar. Tour historic Nassau, shop duty-free Bay Street or just
relax on the beach and bask in the sun (don’t forget to bring sunscreen). 
There is something for everybody, no matter what your preferences.

Bahamas vacation & island travel guides

Plan your Bahamas vacation: Find plenty
of useful information by selecting one of our topic-specific Bahamas Travel
Guides below. Search for Bahamas

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project-travel-mate/Travel-Mate: A complete travel guide!

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Travel Mate is an android app for travellers. It provides features like choosing the correct destination, making bookings, and organizing the trip. It provides solutions for every problem a traveller might face during their journey. It provides a comprehensive list of information about a destination: current weather, best places to hangout, and city’s current trends. Checkout Features list for a detailed feature description.


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We are not running any ads in the app and the source code is available for free on GitHub. It costs us to keep the servers up all the time. Support us to make sure we continue to help travellers.

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Travel Mate helps decide the destination by providing tourist spots, interesting trivia, local trends, weather and much more about over 10k cities.

My Trips

Travel Mate allows users to store their travel history. They can add their

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Chicken or beef? Airline delivers in-flight meals to travel-deprived Russians

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Ural Airlines has begun delivering in-flight meals to travel-deprived Russians who miss the thrill of a catering cart rolling down the aisle because of coronavirus lockdowns.

FILE PHOTO: Ural Airlines aircraft flies shortly before landing at the Sochi International Airport, Russia, April 28, 2016. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

The airline, which is delivering its in-flight meals to customers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, said the initiative was meant to provide people with “the taste of travel without leaving your home”.

“Everything is just like on the airplane except for the view,” it wrote on its Instagram page on Thursday.

Russia has closed its borders to foreigners and grounded international flights, except those repatriating Russians or returning foreign nationals to their country of origin.

Many Russians have been confined to their homes for weeks, going out only to buy food or medicine, take out the trash or walk their

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International Travel Medical Insurance, HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance

Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC (Worldwide Services Insurance Agency, LLC in CA and in NY) offers
a variety of travel medical insurance across the U.S. under leading brands.

We offer a wide selection of travel health insurance plans that include coverage for hospital care,
surgery, office visits, prescription drugs and medical evacuation.

Travel the world with confidence knowing that you have convenient access to our community of trusted
English-speaking physicians in more than 180 countries.

When you Get A Quote, you will see travel health insurance products for the brand available in your area.

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7 Personal Benefits of Travel: Why Travel?

Forget milling around in your finest evening wear, Singapore Sling in hand: You’ll be lucky to get peanuts. Flying isn’t quite the party it was in Sinatra’s days, and lots of time, energy, and money are expended to leave home, so why travel? How long do the personal benefits of travel last?

Getting away from home and stepping outside of your usual routine is beneficial for both mind and body. The long-lasting personal benefits of visiting a foreign country far outweigh the costs and time to get there.

The great travel writer Pico Lyer said: “Travel is not really about leaving our homes, but leaving our habits.” Here are seven ways that travel, especially international travel, will enhance your life.

of 07

Travel Sharpens the Mind

You’ve done your old routine for so many years that you could run through it on autopilot. Being dropped into a new environment

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Indonesia to ban air, sea travel to end-May: officials

A local wearing a face shield stands guard to check people entering his area, as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in Jakarta, Indonesia, April 23, 2020. REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia will temporarily ban domestic and international air and sea travel, with some exceptions, starting this week to prevent a further spread of the coronavirus, the transport ministry said in a statement on Friday.

The announcement came as the holy month of Ramadan began in the world’s largest Muslim majority country, and the government has already banned citizens’ traditional annual exodus from the cities to the provinces during the holiday period..

The ban on sea travel took immediate effect, but the ban on air travel will start on Saturday so that some pre-booked flights can go-ahead.

The ban will apply across-the-board until May 31. The ministry had previously given different dates for the end of the

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10 volunteer opportunities for free travel

THERE ARE MANY reasons to engage in volunteer travel, and there are literally thousands of charities and organizations that provide volunteer opportunities for passing travelers.

Many ask for donations or fees to cover costs and others operate as for-profit businesses, but the list below includes only those that cost little or nothing to get involved with and help out:

1. WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) – Board and lodging is offered in exchange for a day’s work on the farm. Stays available from one week to many years, and with thousands of hosts available in 53 countries there are volunteer opportunities suitable for everyone.

For more information, check out A first-timer’s guide to WWOOF-ing.

2. Turtle Teams, Worldwide

A generic name for the thousands of small groups that help threatened sea turtles. Most groups are based at one or two nesting beaches — which are typically at

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Welcome to Travel Photographer of the Year

Travel Photographer of the Year 2020 – now open for entries

Learn more about the 2020 award categories – click here

TPOTY 2020



Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) awards are run by photographers for photographers. TPOTY is truly global – wherever you live in the world and whether you are amateur or professional, beginner or expert, young or old, Travel Photographer of the Year is for you!

Thanks to our hugely supportive sponsors there are some fantastic prizes to be won, but TPOTY is also about more than prizes.  This prestigious award offers massive exposure for your work through our media activities, books, photographer profiles and exhibitions.

TPOTY-winning photographers have had their work showcased around the world: established photographic careers received a huge boost, new careers were kick-started, and people who

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