10 social distancing date ideas for couples to try this summer

Planning summertime dates might’ve been fun and easy in the past, but as we weather the coronavirus pandemic, coming up with ideas now poses some challenges. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship and live with your partner or you’re a newer couple just beginning to incorporate each other into your social circles, romantic summer activities are no longer as straightforward as a day at the beach or a trip to a new city. Depending on where you live and what phase of reopening your area is in, it may be time to get creative—while also prioritizing your safety and comfort.

“When going on a social distancing date, it’s truly important to talk to your date beforehand about what does and does not feel right for you,” Dr. Carla Manly, clinical psychologist and author of Joy From Fear: Create the Life of Your Dreams by Making Fear Your Friend, tells

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9 Swimsuit Brands Stylish Celebs Can’t Stop Wearing

In case you couldn’t feel it in the air, swimsuit season is upon us, folks. Your pool and beach days may look a little different this year, but it’s still time to break out the stringy bikinis and sleek one-pieces — just check out your favorite celebrities’ Instagram accounts. Even though travel’s not an option for most people this year, that hasn’t stopped celebs from rocking stylish swimsuits to lounge outdoors or hang out by their backyard pools.

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And while fame and fortune can surely make it easier to collect an impressive swimsuit wardrobe, there are certain swimwear labels stars keep coming back to that are actually accessible for the rest of us. So take a piece of style advice from A-listers like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Gabrielle Union, Lili Reinhart, Olivia Culpo, Jennifer Lopez,

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Tired of Your Backyard Decor? Wayfair’s Huge Patio Sale is Here to Save the Day

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If your outdoor space could use a little TLC, then we have some news you’re going to love. As part of Wayfair’s Way More Outdoor Deals event, they’re offering steals on patio furniture, decor, and more through August 18 (but don’t wait too long or your wish list may disappear). You’ve probably canceled that tropical vacation this summer, so put that money to good use and allocate it into your backyard make over budget. You can save up to 65-percent off anything from a hot tub (yes, please) to a chaise lounge, so don’t hesitate to drop a few essentials into your cart. If there’s any time to flex those interior design muscles, the time is now.

From basics like chic seating to some fun outdoor games to keep everyone entertained while at home, there’s sure to be something to catch your eye.

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Feeling wanderlust in quarantine but not ready or able to travel? Plan a virtual vacation

As flights get canceled and vacations to faraway places get put on the back burner for an unknown time when life will go back to “normal,” it can seem challenging to think about traveling right now and heartbreaking to acknowledge your trip’s demise.

Enter the answer to your travel woes. Out: real vacations. In: virtual vacations. 

When it became clear my April trip to Paris wasn’t going to happen because of the coronavirus pandemic, I decided to plan an entire day to recreate the magic of the City of Love and bring the trip to my one-bedroom apartment in New Jersey.

Even though I couldn’t stroll through the streets of Paris – or do any of the activities on my miles-long itinerary – I could cook a ton of French food and take pictures in front of a makeshift Eiffel Tower.

Staying Apart, Together: A newsletter about how to cope

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Ready for a post-lockdown vacation but short on cash? Here’s how to do a super-cheap vacation

After a long lockdown, America’s ready for a little time off. But with the economy taking a beating, no one wants to pay for it. So is there a way to take a free vacation?

Of course there is. 

“I long to get out and begin traveling again,” says Linda Malys Yore, a travel blogger from Tampa, Florida. “During quarantine, I carefully monitored my money, resisting the urge to make nonessential purchases online. Travel is my big picture – and I am zeroing in on that goal.”

Her strategies may sound familiar. They include choosing a less expensive way to travel, using her reward points, and pinching pennies on the road. But post-pandemic, travelers like her are taking the money-saving to a surprising extreme.

Ways to take a cheap vacation 

Here are the top free or low-cost vacations after the coronavirus:

  • A staycation

  • Camping

  • Vacation rentals

  • Couch-surfing

Is coronavirus canceling

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Consumers Are Trading in Summer Vacation Plans for the Great Outdoors

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As Americans continue to make changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, new summer vacation trends have begun to emerge.

After weeks, and in some cases months, of staying indoors many have started looking at camping and road trips as the ideal social distancing activity. According to NPD Group, as national parks and other parts of the country begin to reopen, key camping, RV and road trip items are seeing double and triple-digit growth.

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Data from the 2020 North American Camping report, by Kampgrounds of America in April, found that while timing remains unclear for when Americans will feel comfortable enough to start traveling there are indications that camping is well-positioned to rebound quicker than other types of travel. Moreover, the COVID-19 crisis has drawn more campers and first-time campers to the activity.

NPD’s retail sales data supports these findings, showing

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How to Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

These money-saving tips for renting Disney Vacation Club points will get you Deluxe hotel rooms at Walt Disney World for much cheaper prices. DVC rental is safe, convenient, and less expensive than standard resort reservations. It’s also a great way to test drive DVC before buying. (Updated December 8, 2019.)

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) point rental is the one-time use of a set number of a points to book a Deluxe Villa room at a Disney Vacation Club Resort. It’s a fairly easy process, and you can do this on a person-to-person basis via forums, or via one of the established point rental companies that we recommend.

This post offers our info and tips for the best ways to rent DVC points, including what to know if you’re planning on renting Disney Vacation Club points next year. If you’re thinking of doing a Halloween, Food & Wine, or

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Luxury Vacation Rentals & Villa Homes for Rent

  • Our vacation villa in Cabo San Lucas far exceeded our wildest dreams. The incredible attention to detail and full concierge service set the standard for what a real luxury vacation should be.

    Jake O. (Pomona, CA)

  • My wife and I count on the excellent management team every year to make sure our vacation is as carefree as possible. Their entire staff is experienced, attentive, friendly, and always available to help. The only finger we had to lift was to reserve online!

    Glenn A. (Manchester, UK)

  • Finding a beautiful place to stay on vacation that can accommodate our growing family has always been a challenge. We found a fantastic villa in Hawaii that was cheaper than a hotel. No more price comparisons needed because we know we’re getting the best deal with this team!

    Isobel C. (Toronto, ON)

  • I’ve always been a member of luxury vacation clubs until I found this

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    Poconos – Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania Vacation Rentals

    Poconos Cabin Rentals – A Great Way To Experience The Area

    When you are in the Poconos mountains area, you are going to want to stay in a great place for your perfect getaway. Often that place is going to be a cabin, but it will be a place that is going to provide you plenty of enjoyment. That is because you can find vacation rentals houses with amenities like private pools, indoor pools, outdoor pools and fire pits., but they have the added bonus of being in a beautiful area which can be completely different than what you get at home. So what makes these rentals such a great option compared to a hotel and what can you do in the area? Not only that how can you find the rentals? That is easy to do when you check out and the wide selection of properties we have

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    Florida Governor extends stay-at-home order for vacation rentals | WMBB

    Bay County, Fla. (WMBB) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis extended a stay-at-home order suspending vacation rentals until April 30, 2020.

    The original order, which took effect on March 27, 2020 was scheduled to expire today.

    The order states that vacation rentals are prohibited from making new reservations or bookings, and shall not accept new guests for check-in for the duration of the order.

    Vacation rentals that fall under the order include the following: rental of any house, condominium, cooperative, or dwelling unit that is also a transient public lodging establishment.

    The order does not include hotels, motels, inns, resorts, non-transient public lodging establishments, shared projects, long-term rentals, or rental stays where guests are currently staying.

    The Department of Business and Federal Regulation will take necessary steps to make sure the order is carried out by inspecting licensed properties or third-party platforms. DBPR shall revoke the license of any party that

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