As Coronavirus Impacts Travel Plans, RVs Become High Priority

BUTLER CO., Pa. (KDKA) — The coronavirus pandemic has grounded flights and halted recreation, but there’s one industry that’s thriving.

Travel experts said as people try to get out while limiting the space they share with others, the RV business is skyrocketing.

“This is absolutely way more than I have seen in 20-plus years,” said Scott Murray, a salesperson at Butler RV Center & Auto Sales

Murray said he sees more than 100 visitors per week who are looking to get away without getting the coronavirus.

“They want to go on vacations. They have vacations scheduled but they don’t want to stay in hotels because of the COVID issue,” said Murray.

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KDKA took a tour to see how comfortable, yet costly, camper life can be.

We first looked at the Cherokee. It looks tiny on the outside but once opened up, there’s enough space for

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Coronavirus surge prompts Miami Beach to prohibit short-term, vacation rentals

Miami Beach will close and prohibit all short-term and vacation rentals starting Thursday at 12:01 a.m. as part of the city’s modified reopening order in response to a surge in coronavirus cases.

“Short-term and vacation rentals shall cancel all existing reservations, and shall refrain from accepting new guests or making new reservations, until the Order expires or is otherwise amended,” the city said in a press release Tuesday.


Miami Beach mayor Dan Gelber told FOX Business that local police have determined that the rentals are attracting large crowds to gather in the city.

“There’ve been too many gatherings that have not been following our mask rules and our systems and guidelines, and a lot of

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Should I stay or should I go? Has coronavirus changed your vacation plans this summer? (poll)

While airline travel continues to sink because of the coronavirus, Americans seem to still be going on vacation this summer.

A study by the American Hotel & Lodging Association shows 44% of people will take some type of vacation or family trip this year. Because New Yorkers must quarantine for 14 days after visiting certain states, many opt for drivable getaways like nearby campgrounds or beaches.

“It’s OK to have fun, (but) do it safely,” Saad Omer, the director of Yale Institute for Global Health, told the TODAY show last month.

What about you? Are you scrapping your plans to get away this summer? Or are you planning a vacation despite the pandemic? Take the poll:

(Click here if you can’t see the poll.)

Previous poll: The abbreviated Major League Baseball season began Thursday night. Spectators are banned from games this season because of the coronavirus. Stadiums now

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Can you safely go on vacation amid coronavirus? And other burning travel questions we asked an expert

With COVID-19 cases rising in popular vacation spots, should people be going on vacation?

They can, but with the same precautions you would be taking if you were home, said Dr. Keith Armitage, medical director of the University Hospitals Roe Green Center for Travel Medicine & Global Health in Cleveland. Before COVID-19, the travel center mainly assisted people traveling internationally to ensure they were prepared (such as vaccines) for travel.

The Akron Beacon Journal, which is part of the USA TODAY Network, asked Armitage his advice about summer travel plans, amid rising COVID-19 cases nationwide.

We asked an expert: How much coronavirus risk is there in common travel activities?

Dr. Keith Armitage, medical director of the University Hospitals Roe Green Center for Travel Medicine & Global Health in Cleveland, says you can still take that summer vacation -- with precautions.
Dr. Keith Armitage, medical director of the University Hospitals Roe Green Center for Travel Medicine & Global Health in Cleveland, says you can still take that summer vacation — with precautions.

Q: As cases are spiking, should people be taking their

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More Than Two Dozen States Have Reported A Surge In Coronavirus Cases

Photo credit: MarioGuti - Getty Images
Photo credit: MarioGuti – Getty Images

From Delish

Some health experts first postulated that a second wave of coronavirus cases would rock the United States when winter arrived later this year, alongside the seasonal flu — but many are now wondering if a second outbreak is already here. After spending the better half of two months sheltering in place, Americans are eager to get back to work and into their normal routines, with governors in virtually every state rolling back stay-at-home orders while following new Centers for Disease Control guidelines on reopening non-essential businesses (some as early as the end of April). With social distancing efforts still in place at the local level, some states are showing a downward trend in new cases (including New York), while others are reporting steady cases (from Maine to Mississippi), according to CNN. But in the wake of reopenings taking place across the country,

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Hoboken Mayor: Coronavirus Cases Rising Again

HOBOKEN, NJ – Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla said, in a nightly coronavirus update on Monday, that the Hoboken Health Department noted seven new confirmed cases of coronavirus on Saturday, two Sunday, and two Monday, after a recent week in which there was only one new case. That brings the total of confirmed cases of Hoboken residents to 583.

Bhalla noted a “slight uptick” related to “travel outside of New Jersey to regions with a substantial rise in new cases.” Media reports have said that several states have suffered recent spikes, including states that lifted stay-at-home restrictions sooner.

Bhalla encouraged residents to postpone travel to places such as Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, and other areas with spikes, and said those whohead there should get tested after coming back. See more of his update here.

This past Thursday, Bhalla said there had been one new case of coronavirus the previous day, but

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Cranford To Reopen 1 Pool Monday, Other Local Coronavirus Updates

CRANFORD, NJ — Cranford will only open one of its pools this summer, a decision that the Township Committee said, in a letter, that they knew has provoked “questions and some disappointment.” They said the decision was not easy, but a responsible choice for health reasons.

State regulations for pools were announced recently. Pools can be at 50 percent capacity.

Director of Parks and Recreation Steve Robertazzi explained the reasons and rules in a letter: “Opening a municipal pool is not as simple as pulling back the cover, and with the late notice from the state and the significant additional requirements that will be in place to protect patrons and staff: many towns had decided not to reopen their pools.

Robertazzi said, “After a difficult couple of months, it goes without saying that we could all use a pool now more than ever…The pool staff, in conjunction with the Township

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Clark Pool To Reopen As Murphy Lifts Coronavirus Closure

CLARK, NJ — As temperatures reach the 90s this week, Clark announced its township pool will reopen on June 22 amid the coronavirus.

Gov. Phil Murphy announced on Monday that municipal and private-club swimming pools can reopen with rules and guidelines in place.

“Please keep in mind there will be a list of restrictions and I assure you it will NOT be a typical summer at the Clark Pool. With that said, we will do everything in our power to follow the guidelines and restrictions to keep our staff and members safe, but we need your cooperation, understanding and patience,” said Clark Director of Recreation Ralph Bernardo.

The hold on online registration was removed Wednesday. Residents must register and pay online at, click Clark Recreation under the Community tab.

For those who can not register online, they can print a membership form off of, fill it out and

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How much coronavirus risk is there in common travel activities? We asked an expert

Travel in the middle of a global pandemic presents challenges, with each activity carrying its own level of risk for coronavirus.

Joseph Khabbaza, a pulmonary and critical care physician at the Cleveland Clinic, said some of the biggest questions he’s getting relate to travel activities. 

Khabbaza, who treats coronavirus patients, said the primary path of transmission is contacts with respiratory droplets produced by infected people. Face masks, physical distancing, frequent handwashing and cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces have become standard across the travel sector.  

“Every industry has interventions in place to make things safer,” he said.

The Cleveland Clinic has been helping United Airlines develop its coronavirus mitigation policies, including mandatory face masks, touchless kiosks and physical distancing.

“Companies are bringing in outside health experts,” Khabbaza said. “That can be a little bit reassuring.”

Khabbaza, who’s taking a 500-mile road trip with his family to Long Island, New York, offered

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What will holidays / travel look like after coronavirus lockdown?

Travel, the luxury most of us took for granted up until March, has never felt more needed, with many of us desperate to swap the four walls that kept us safe in isolation for the white-washed stone of a Spanish villa. But from self-cleaning hotel rooms to temperature checks at airports, what will holidays actually look like post-coronavirus lockdown?

The reality is that travel as we know it has changed for the foreseeable future. Gone are on a whim weekend breaks to European cities and nights in far-flung, cheap as chips hostels. As we all come to terms with lengthy quarantines, health checks and levels of accommodation hygiene that would put Queen of Clean Marie Kondo to shame, things are likely to look pretty different when it comes to your annual leave.

The good news is that the desire to travel hasn’t left us. Numerous surveys indicate most Brits can’t

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