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  • Baron Liar: Cannonball RideBaron Liar: Cannonball Ride

    This history begins during one military campaign. Baron Liar became the participant of conquest of new territories for Kingdom. When Baron Liar decide…

  • Save The KingSave The King

    King kidnapped by the evil dragon. Fast forward to rescue the king. If cautious, dragon lives on the very top of the mountain to get here, and it is p…

  • Mommy DuckyMommy Ducky

    Cute casual game about a Mommy ducky, which is trying to find all the lost ducklings in the pool beware of crocodiles, sharks and other hazards.


  • Truck CityTruck City

    In this game you need to drive your truck through this deserted mountain city, earn as many stars as possible and try not to overturn. Be carefull if …

  • Robots Continue Work SequenceRobots Continue Work Sequence

    Manage your Robot Workers, resources and time in order to finish the levels as fast as possible. Play through 30 increasingly difficult levels across …

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    Big Fish Games reimagines fairy tales with EverMerge puzzle adventure

    Big Fish Games has launched EverMerge, a free-to-play mobile game with fairy-tale characters and gameplay that combines popular merge and match mechanics.

    The iOS and Android game reimagines characters like Paul Bunyan with modern renditions. And it lets you take a bunch of objects on a grid, match them, and merge them together to get new characters and other prizes. The game debuts May 7. In the free-to-play game, players can spend real money to buy virtual items to speed up gameplay. The game can also monetize through ads.

    The storybook world of EverMerge is a big bet from Seattle-based Big Fish Games, which worked with Belarus-based developer Neskinsoft on it for two-and-a-half years, said Big Fish Games president Jeff Karp in an interview with GamesBeat. The game was in soft-launch testing for about six months.

    “We’ve tried to leverage all the expertise among all of our games to kind

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    Adventure & Action Games | 1000+ Free Flash Games

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    Acorn Story
    Nuclear Plant
    Flash Bash
    Farm and Grow
    Flood Runner 4
    Intruder Combat Training
    Aeon Defense
    Super Adventure Pals
    Personal Trip to the Moon
    Deadly Neighbors 2
    Sift Heads Assault 2
    100% Complete
    Palisade Guardian 2
    Running Warrior
    Blackwood: Prologue
    Palisade Guardian 3
    Little Life
    Photon Baby
    My Pet Protector 3
    SRAG: Resurrection
    Jambalaya Jazz
    Portal Quest
    Cyber Hell 3
    Slime’s Cake Quest (Updated)
    Death Call
    The Man Who Sold The World
    Toilet King
    Papa’s Wingeria
    My Big Friend
    Ragdoll Achievement
    Mr. Bree: Returning Home
    Charlie Likes Strawberries
    Steampack: Kids Edition
    Sift Heads Assault
    Super Big Gun Adventure
    Jelly Escape
    Bullet the Bounty Hunter
    Cola Bear Float
    Sharp Storm
    Orange Roulette
    Bloomo: A Submarine Adventure
    Nightmare Runner
    Double Edged
    Human Evolution
    Monsters’ Den Chronicles
    Tiny Dream
    Code Master
    Relive Your Life
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    The Best Point & Click Adventure Games List, Ranked

    The best point and click adventure games immerse you in a interactive world rich with backstory and excitement. Unlike action-adventure games such as Bioshock, point n click games don’t rush you forward. They let you work through the story at your own pace and the good ones have cerebral puzzles aplenty. So which adventure games are the best? Well, adventure gamers have voted for their favorites below.

    While many people unfamiliar with the genre may dismiss it as being dead, there are in fact plenty of new releases every year. For example, one of the best point and click adventure games ever, Gemini Rue, was released 2011. Even Telltale Games episodic video games are mostly point and click in nature.

    These highly rated point and click adventure games games are ordered by popularity, so only the greatest point and click adventure games games are at the top of the

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    Best Fitness Games To Play During Quarantine (Besides Ring Fit Adventure)

    Millions of people in the US and across the world are currently under some kind of stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In most places, gyms are closed, and even running outside can feel a bit sketchy if you live in a densely populated area. For those stuck inside, at-home workouts have become a crucial way to maintain both physical and mental health, and fortunately, there are quite a few video games that serve this exact need.

    One of the biggest workout games in recent years, Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch, is currently sold out everywhere as interest around at-home workouts increases and many physical games face production issues. Nintendo’s latest workout game is a fitness-themed RPG where you team up with a sentient pilates ring to track down and defeat an evil body-building dragon called Dragaux. Available only as a physical set, Ring Fit Adventure includes

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    Born for adventure, you like to go to new conquests and discovering new things? Adventure games will make you travel to amazing worlds. Play online at our free adventures games and made great journeys! Zelda, Indiana Jones, Mario, Lara Croft … Directs these personages through different levels and go in search of precious hidden treasure. These flash games and HTML5 already include millions of players online!

    Best new Adventure games

    More Adventure games


    Go to the conquest of space with our Lego Star Wars games: The Chronicles of Yoda and Raze 2! If you like strategy, just try trying GoodGame Empire, the ultra-addictive management. Do not forget either to test the original games like Minecraft 2D or 300: The Birth of an Empire – Fame and Revenge! Finally, find your heroes always thanks to titles like Dragon Ball Ultimate Flash Sonic or Defense. The graphics are beautiful and

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    What are adventure games? | Adventure Gamers

    For over 40 years, adventure games have been the most story-driven computer game genre. Since its inception in 1976 with ADVENT (aka Colossal Cave Adventure, or simply Adventure), many have found adventure games to have a true immersive quality that can be compared to reading a book or watching a movie. If you are interested in playing games that can be thoughtful, engaging and intelligent, and provide some mental challenge while they’re at it, you’ve just landed on the right website.

    Adventure games are all about unraveling stories, exploring worlds and solving puzzles. Play as Ray McCoy on assignment to track down replicants in Blade Runner, embark on a four-year journey through the mystical Land Of The Dead in the Mexican folk art and film noir-inspired Grim Fandango, or travel the globe confronting ancient conspiracies in Broken Sword. When you’re playing an adventure game,

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    15 best adventure games for Android!

    Evoland 2 best adventure games for android
    Adventure games are among the most unique of any games. They don’t fit into any one category or genre and often times they’ll fit into several genres at once. The only real prerequisite for a game to be an adventure game is that it must take you on an adventure. That describes most games. However, adventure isn’t a genre defined by a mechanic like RPGs, first person shooters, or sandbox games. Thus, an adventure game could be anything. We listened to reader comments for years after writing this one so we’re hoping we found some decent games that will take you on a fictional adventure. If you’re ready for a list of games that will do just that, here are our picks for the best adventure games on Android!
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    Adventure Games – Play Free Online Adventure Games

    What are the most popular Adventure Games at Kizi?

    1. Adam and Eve 6
    2. Fireboy and Watergirl 4: The Crystal Temple
    3. 3 Pandas in Japan
    4. Adam and Eve 7
    5. Adam and Eve: Astronaut
    6. Klondike
    7. Zombie Mission 4
    8. Cactus McCoy 2
    9. Tomb Runner
    10. TrollFace Quest: USA 1

    What are the best Adventure Games to play on phones and tablets?

    1. Adam and Eve: Astronaut
    2. Free the Emoji Gold
    3. Free the Emoji
    4. Candy Flip World
    5. Crusader Defence: Level pack 2

    What are Adventure Games?

    Adventure games send players on different journeys to complete various missions and quests. In these games, you can control a variety of different characters. From defeating your enemies to solving puzzles, get ready to expect various challenges to overcome in the titles belong to the genre.

    Play free online adventure games on Kizi

    Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with the amazing and exciting games we’ve gathered in

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    Top Underrated Adventure Games To Play

    Adventure games are one of the most popular genres in games industry, especially young people love to play adventure games. Almost everyone knows about the most popular adventure games but there are some games that goes under the radar that is why we have curated this list for the underrated adventure games out there, these games are so good that they will keep you busy for rest of the year.

    Nine Worlds Adventure

    Astounding and undoubtedly epic, Nine Worlds Adventure – A Viking Saga is the ultimate adventure platform jump and run game that will challenge and thrill you to the fullest! Lure into the world of Vikings and dominate this stunning free platform jumping game!

    Drill 7

    Join the mysterious Lex and pilot the mining ship D7 on an adventure through the deep mines of the planet Caverna.


    Reconstrucción: war is not a game is a graphic adventure

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