Flights to nowhere give homebound Taiwanese a taste of travel

TAIPEI/TOKYO — Taoyuan International Airport has been rather empty since the coronavirus pandemic shut the door on overseas travel, so it was a rare sight on Friday morning when nearly 200 passengers lined up to board a flight. The only catch: they weren’t actually going anywhere.

The Starlux Airlines flight, which took off at 11 a.m., cruised along Taiwan’s east coast and over the Philippines before retuning to Taoyuan. The flight did not touch down anywhere, but for travel-starved Taiwanese, it was enough.

“We are so excited to take this flight! This is my first time to board a plane this year. I already drafted a long duty-free shopping list for myself and my colleagues,” Peter Wu, who was traveling with a friend, told the Nikkei Asian Review.

“I overslept a little bit and failed to secure a window seat,” said Polon Chen, another traveler. “We might do this again

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Your Guide to US State Travel Restrictions

It’s already the height of summer and, with kids readying to resume their studies soon, many Americans seek to reconnect with distant friends and family; or simply to escape the environs they’ve been stuck in since the start of the pandemic.

a close up of a map: Map of the United States.

© iStock/Getty Images/KeithBinns
Map of the United States.

Road trips are proving popular this summer as a way to vacation on one’s own terms, in relative isolation, and without facing the question of whether or not to get on an airplane.

But, given the swiftness with which the virus spreads and absent a uniform, federally-imposed containment approach, you could find yourself facing different regulations when you arrive at your destination than were present while you were planning.

Many states have mandated that inbound travelers adhere to quarantine rules upon arrival, while some have testing or pre-testing options, so you can skip the self-isolation period.

Several states have identified specific

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Will Gap Year Programs Continue During Uncertain Travel Times?

In its simplest terms, a Gap Year is time taken off between high school and college, but Gap Years can mean different things to different people. Some students find it necessary to take time off before starting college in order to save money, while others take a year to volunteer for a meaningful cause or to take a break from academics for awhile.

Regardless of motives, Gap Year Programs have become increasingly popular, and about 40,000 students did some kind of Gap Year in 2019, according to the Gap Year Association. That’s out of more than two million first-time college students starting as freshmen in the U.S. each year.

However, given the current health concerns throughout the world, there are many question marks surrounding the

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Travel Oregon film follows three women on bikepacking trip

Analise Cleopatra, Dejuanae Toliver and Brooklyn Bell. (Photo by Alisa Geiser)

“Pedal Through” is a new short film (watch it below) that captures breathtaking footage of three women riding some of Oregon’s best mountain bike trails. But what’s even more memorable about this adventure were the people doing the riding.

29-year-old Portland-based filmmaker Analise Cleopatra decided to jump head-first into a bikepacking trip even though she’d never mountain biked or camped. Despite that, she and photographer Aly Nicklas applied for — and received — a grant through the Oregon Made Creative Foundation to do a multi-day ride through Central Oregon. Joining this pair were Cleopatra’s friend Dejuanae Toliver and professional mountain biker Brooklyn Bell.

Here’s more about their trip from a report posted on Travel Oregon’s website:

“As it turned out, bikepacking and being out in nature is what brought her peace and allowed her to move at a slower

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7 Mindset Hacks That Will Bring The Feeling Of Travel Home This Summer

We’ve all had to shift our plans and find ways to foster a sense of normalcy amidst what can only be described as unprecedented times—but even if you’ve been fortunate enough to hold onto your job, stay in good health, and be near your family, canceling long awaited vacations and trips abroad can come as a real sore spot.

That said, there are plenty of ways to bring the feeling of travel home; to get the benefits of exploring a new destination from the comfort and safety of home. Here’s how mindset experts, travel bloggers, and successful digital nomads have been fulfilling their need to ‘travel’ without ever leaving the house.

From taking the time to indulge your senses to being grateful for past adventures, these mindset hacks and tricks will make you feel almost as rejuvenated as that trip to the South of France you had planned for

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Buying Guide: Packing cubes will change the way you travel | Home & Garden

Packing Cubes


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Packing for a long trip or family visit can be stressful. If you’re always questioning whether you forgot an important outfit, are tired of showing up with wrinkly clothes, or need a better way to organize items from multiple family members in one suitcase, these packing cubes from Veken are about to change the way you travel.

Easy Organization

This set of six nylon packing cubes come in four sizes, small, medium, large, and extra-large, so you can easily sort large items like coats and sweaters and small items like socks and underwear. A laundry bag to keep dirty clothes separate and a shoe bag to keep mud off your clothes is also included in the set.

Durable and Waterproof

These packing cubes are perfect for camping

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As Coronavirus Impacts Travel Plans, RVs Become High Priority

BUTLER CO., Pa. (KDKA) — The coronavirus pandemic has grounded flights and halted recreation, but there’s one industry that’s thriving.

Travel experts said as people try to get out while limiting the space they share with others, the RV business is skyrocketing.

“This is absolutely way more than I have seen in 20-plus years,” said Scott Murray, a salesperson at Butler RV Center & Auto Sales

Murray said he sees more than 100 visitors per week who are looking to get away without getting the coronavirus.

“They want to go on vacations. They have vacations scheduled but they don’t want to stay in hotels because of the COVID issue,” said Murray.

a close up of a computer

© Provided by CBS Pittsburgh

KDKA took a tour to see how comfortable, yet costly, camper life can be.

We first looked at the Cherokee. It looks tiny on the outside but once opened up, there’s enough space for

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Adventure travel company offers photographic safaris to the wild side of Norfolk

Norfolk is not known for its awesome wildlife, dramatic scenery or teeming rainforest. But right now the East Anglian county is as good as it gets for adventure tour leader and photographer Paul Goldstein and travel-starved clients.

“I should be on the banks of the Mara river in Africa right now,” said Mr Goldstein as he stood on the edge of a meadow overlooking the placid River Wensum upstream from Norwich.

“I should be watching a million wildebeest and zebra come in from across the border in Tanzania. Unfortunately I can’t, thanks to our government and quarantine, and absurd Foreign Office advice.”

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Sharing the full story, not just the headlines

Instead he is organising trips on behalf of Exodus Travels for keen photographers who are unable to get to more exotic parts of the world.

“It may be not as glamorous nor

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Wanting to travel? Virtual Reality headsets could help fill the void

VR headsets allow you to explore destinations around the country, or, around the world, in the comfort of your home.

If you planned a big vacation to see the world, you can still go. Well, virtually.

Virtual Reality headsets are starting to trend across social media. They allow you to explore destinations around the country, or, around the world, in the comfort of your home.

There are multiple options to choose from, like the B Next VR Headset, Destek, Hey Time Traveler and Merge, just to name a few. They averaged around $35, but some can go into the $100s or more, according to Amazon.

So, how does it work? We searched “Travel VR” on the app store. There are a ton to choose from, so it comes down to personal preference. After downloading the one you like, you can choose a location you want to visit. You then slip

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Intrepid Travel Wants the Post-COVID Tourism Industry to Rebuild Itself Responsibly

For the past 30 years, Intrepid Travel has been taking people on magnificent adventures. The Australian-based company has made a name for itself as a tourism business that prioritizes small groups, off-the-beaten-track experiences, and local guides with an intimate knowledge of their home regions. The high quality of Intrepid’s tours has caused the company to grow enormously, offering more than 2,700 tours in 130 countries on all seven continents in 2019.

Along with such extensive travel, however, comes a significant carbon footprint; and, unlike many tourism companies that choose to ignore this uncomfortable fact, Intrepid has faced it head-on, becoming carbon neutral in 2010 and striving to become carbon positive in the future. It’s a certified B-Corp and a signatory to both the UN Global Compact and Tourism Declares, a collective of tourism businesses and individuals pledging urgent action on climate change. It’s safe to say that Intrepid understands the

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