Peugeot’s Crossover ebikes ride urban roads and weekend trail adventures

Peugeot has released a bunch of new electric crossovers, but they’re not SUVs. The Crossover ebikes are built for road and trail, feature Bosch motors, per charge battery range of 110 km, grippy thick tires, and either front or full suspension.

The French lion has quite a history in bicycle manufacture, mass producing its first Penny Farthing model in 1886, chopping off its bike division into its own entity in 1926, clocking up 500 models by the mid 1970s, adding a world record speed of 212 km/h to its trophy cabinet in 1998, and introducing its first ebike in late 2009.

The latest additions to the electric-assist portfolio are the eT01 Crossover D9, D10 and FS models. The D9 can be had with a small, medium or large 6061 T6 hydroformed aluminum stepover or mid-step frame – or Sport and Mixt, as Peugeot calls them – and doesn’t come with

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Westport Issues Warning Of Possible Beach Closures This Weekend

WESTPORT, CT — Extreme heat, and possible overcrowded conditions during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, may require the closure of Westport’s beaches this weekend, town officials warned.

“In an abundance of caution and to insure public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the beach reaches a capacity where it is deemed impossible to maintain social distancing, it will be closed to additional beachgoers,” officials said in a statement.

If that happens, incoming traffic will be diverted away from the beach, and drop offs will not be allowed, according to officials.

Closures may occur in mid- to late-morning, but the beach may be reopened later in the day if conditions become safer and social distancing is possible.

“Your anticipated cooperation, patience and understanding with the town staff and police who will be enforcing and maintaining traffic and crowd control during these unprecedented times is appreciated,” said First Selectman Jim Marpe.

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NC’s first alpine coaster opens in Banner Elk. Here’s how to make a weekend out of it

For many of us, we have a lot of angst and energy built up after nearly three months of staying in place and working from home. Our freshly repainted walls and finished projects are already looking old and stale. It’s time for a getaway.

But where can you get away from Charlotte and still stay away from others?

Some of the pictures and videos of the beach and some pools look downright scary in this pandemic era. That’s why more people are looking for a more secluded location to have some fun, especially in the North Carolina mountains.

New alpine coaster

Those screams and laughter you hear in the woods near Banner Elk come from a new adventure activity that opened just a month ago: the Wilderness Run Mountain Rollercoaster. It’s the first alpine coaster in North Carolina, and it’s located across the road from Sugar Mountain. That’s a little

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A weekend in Mexico City, online museums and all

I had dreamed, plotted and mapped out the perfect Mexico City vacation for spring. The weather would be glorious, the food sublime and the city enchanting. And now…?

I know, of course, that sheltering-in-place during a raging, tragic pandemic is an essential thing. But — we’re friends, right? I can confess something? I’m a little bummed out that instead of visiting incredible museums, taking cooking classes, drinking margaritas and eating seafood at Gabriela Camara’s Contramar, I will be spending my vacation week in a state of sameness on the couch, like “Groundhog Day” come to life. Or rather, a “Groundhog Day” in which Bill Murray is obsessed with TP.

In these days of virtual happy hours and Zoom everything, perhaps a quasi-vacation is not such a far-fetched idea. Museums have virtual tours. The margaritas will be real. It’s a free faux-cation and you can come, too. Viva, virtual Mexico City!

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Top 5 Ideas for a Weekend Vacation in Florida

Florida’s famously good weather and 1,350 miles of coastline make it one of the U.S.’s most popular vacation spots.

Whether you want to spend two weeks in the sun or head down for a quick weekend reprieve from winter weather, there’s plenty of places to go and things to do.

Are you dreaming of a weekend vacation in Florida? Here’s where to go to make the most of the Sunshine State.

1. Miami

Miami is the perfect weekender destination because it offers everything you want without the queues or the cliches of other Floridian cities.

The city is well connected to virtually every U.S. airport, so there’s no need to connect and you have plenty of flight options. There’s also a hotel for every budget. Plus, if you hit Miami Beach, you don’t really need a rental car!

What’s more, Miami has a vibrant food scene, tons of cultural events

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Weekend Getaways, Short Trips & Family Vacation Guides



Weekend Getaways

Pictures from a fun weekend getaway
getaways mean more vacations….

While many people dream of spending weeks on sun-drenched tropical beaches, a growing number of families or couples are recognizing the advantages of vacation or holiday fun in shorter doses.

Two-income households with a gaggle of kids in tow especially have little time to plan, budget and organize a long trip.

So it’s no surprise that weekend getaway trips are catching on across the country.

In times of economic hardship, it’s especially important for families to budget travel expenses without giving up the fun and adventure that a full-tilt vacation may provide.

Short getaways or long weekend trips include much less planning and, of course, the chance to get out of town at a moment’s notice.

Make Your Vacation Seem Longer – Take Weekends


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Winter Adventure Weekend