Unusual activities you can do only in Hong Kong

Enough of quarantine and social distancing and it is time to board Cathay Pacific flights

Enough of quarantine and social distancing and it is time to board Cathay Pacific flights to Hong Kong and do some alternative and quirky things apart from visiting famous places. We have time and again said you about the places, restaurants and things to do in Hong Kong but now for a change let us focus on funny and unimaginable things you can only do in this city and nowhere else in the world.


  • Visit Player 11, the only place where you can play life-size billiard. To play this game you need to get on the giant pool table and use your total body to pocket the ball. After all, when the ball is bowling-sized your arm and wrist aren’t enough to shoot it.
  • Roam the abandoned Ma Wan village-popularly called the ghost town but only if your guts permit as it looks nothing less to any popular ghost village you would have seen in movies.
  • You would have experienced karting at many places but for a change kart at Crazy Cart Café. It’s the place where karts and cuisines meet each other. Roam on electric-karts while you can also stop to munch delicious foods.
  • You would have eaten the tastiest and costliest seafood items but trust us eating at HA Cube is entirely different. It’s an indoor fishing crustacean farm which has everything you wish to eat and at the same time allows you to fish if you wish. Of course, you can even get the caught crustaceans cooked from the farm.
  • Do you feel like hitting someone and is your hand aching to punch someone then visit Ikari Area and smash anything you want to calm down yourselves? You have old fridges, TVs, washing machines and a lot more items waiting for you to smash them. Just use the bat provided and unleash your energies.
  • Your dreams to fall asleep in lush greens while watching the whole lit sky comes true at Mingle Farm in Yuen Long. This crazy farm lets you sleep in a semi-transparent round tent, a caravan, a bouncy castle, or a foldable home.
  • Everyone cuddles humans but how about cuddling and spending some time with rabbits. Visit Rabbitland where chairs, tables and roaming rabbits meet you.
  • Hongkongers love not only watching Japanese cartoon characters but they love eating them and if you too would like to taste them head towards Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine-the most popular of all cartoon restaurants.
  • If your tummy isn’t satisfied with cartoon dishes why not try out some local desserts at Via Tokyo. We are confident you will love the distinct local flavor.
  • Well, you tried cartoon dishes and local desserts now try some local films at Hong Kong Film Archive where you will find one or the other gem of Hong Kong movies. The place screens many black-and-white films and silent films.
  • Though Hong Kong has issues with China it is a good city and hosts Chinese Operas at many places. Visit Ko Shan Theatre and New Wing, Sunbeam Theatre and Yau Ma Tei Theatre where Cantonese operas are the daily happenings.
  • Do fishes and aquariums bring life to you then visiting Goldfish Market is a must, a devoted place for varied fishes. You get what not, beginning with colorful tropical fishes to strangely shaped goldfishes.
  • Cat Street is the best for antique lovers. It is an amazing amalgamation of antique sellers, curio traders and art galleries. You can find all the weird items here. If you wish to buy something like antique snuff bottles or a cultural revolution propaganda poster then this is the one.
  • Wanna give a try to Tai Chi and boost your body’s health then head to Leisure and Cultural service department but before you wear your tracks and sport your shoes check for the schedule.
  • You should also try some snake soup although it may be new to you it’s almost all 2000 years old dish and is praised to be the healthiest dish. After all, when the belief is so why not try it.
  • If someone says Chungking Mansions is the place for currency exchange and cheap guesthouses they may be true but there’s also another side of the coin where you can taste African foods without visiting that continent.


And finally before wrapping your bags experience all the three main religions of the land- Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism at a single place- Wong Tai Sin Temple.