Watch: Adam Devine, celebs adventure in trailer for Quibi’s ‘Bad Ideas’

July 23 (UPI) — Quibi is giving a glimpse of the new series Bad Ideas

July 23 (UPI) — Quibi is giving a glimpse of the new series Bad Ideas with Adam Devine.

The short-form streaming service shared a trailer for the adventure travel series featuring Devine, 36, on Wednesday.

The preview shows Devine and celebrity guests “tackle one terrible idea after another” as they travel the globe, including driving The Death Road, a narrow cliff trail in South America, in an ice cream truck.

“This series is Adam’s twisted take on an adventure series. In each episode, he and a famous actor or comedian will travel to a new location in search of adventures that are already inherently dangerous — only they’ll add their own extra special sauce to ensure they are truly terrible choices,” an official synopsis reads.

Guest stars include Anders Holm, Rebel Wilson, Blake Anderson, Brent Morin, “CJ” Lana Perry and Thomas Middleditch.

In addition to hosting, Devine executive produced the series with Scotty Landes, Isaac Horne, Mark Kadin, Will Ehbrecht and Jeff Sells.

Devine is known co-creating and starring on the Comedy Central series Workaholics. He also played Bumper in the first two Pitch Perfect films.

Devine said on Watch What Happens Live in June 2019 that he is open to the idea of a Pitch Perfect 4.

“I could see like a Pitch Perfect wedding or something fun, if it makes sense. But I don’t know. I kind of think it’s done,” the actor said.

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