Many of us write down our plans at the beginning of a season: to read a certain number of books, to do a good deed, to travel somewhere, or to try out a new cuisine. You’d think that you have plenty of time to do everything you planned, but the truth is it is almost the middle of autumn and with November coming the sunnier, more beautiful days with autumnal foliage and landscapes will be gone in no time. If you need some additional inspiration for the things that you can put on your list and start accomplishing immediately or if you’re simply looking for a bit of motivation, here are some activities that you should do before autumn comes to its end:

Make your favorite cozy drink

No one could imagine fall without the classic cozy drink such as marshmallows cocoa, pumpkin spice latte, apple cider, and a good ole’ mug of tea.  Not having one of these would be a crime, so spend a night preparing one, turning on your favorite Halloween movie or a new release on Netflix, and have a wonderful and relaxing night-in by yourself.

Go on a road trip

There’s no better time to admire the landscapes than during autumn and what better way to do it than by taking a road trip, with your friends, family, or even by yourself. Not everyone can afford to travel, whether because they’re saving up for something or the absence of vacation days, but a one or two days road trip is a great option for a person who’d like to break the routine and make some memories of this lovely season.

Buy a sweater

I can’t picture autumn without a warm and comfy sweater and getting a new one every year is a must. For a truly qualitative and affordable piece, you can go thrift shopping, but if you want to play it safe, you can check online stores like They have authentic woolen sweaters that will make sure to look great and keep you warm even on the gloomiest autumn day. Choose a neutral color if you want a practical piece that will be perfect for both formal and casual events, or opt for a brighter garment if you want to add a dash of color into your outfits.

Read a book

We all know that we live in a busy world and reading is often far from the top of our priorities list, but there’s no better time than now to grab a book, cocoon into your warmest blanket, and spend your evening reading. If you have a book that you’ve been eyeing for ages, put it on your night shelf and grab it as often as you have the chance, but if you’re looking for some recommendations, “Autumn” by Ali Smith is the perfect read to put you in the mood.

Buy a pumpkin

Whether you’re planning on cooking it at the end of October or you’re simply using it to decorate the house, buying a pumpkin is a must this fall season. If you’re not a fan of carving, you can simply leave it as it is or try to “glam it up” by painting or even bedazzling it with glitter and sequins. This way, you’ll get a cute pumpkin that will make a unique décor piece for any of your rooms or porch.