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Hello, thank you for your email.

I will be away from my computer until Tuesday, as I am taking a short break from my laptop.

Please note, however, that I will still be panic-checking my messages every minute on the minute from my phone, tablet and my daughter’s VTech KidiBuzz phone. But if you are expecting a reply from my computer, well buddy, you will just have to wait.

Sandra Taylor will be out of the office until Sept. 30. And by “the office,” she means her spare bedroom where she’s been holed up doing Zoom meetings for the past 80 days straight. And by “out,” she’s only shifting her work station to the dining room so she can still stress-bake all that banana bread.

If you have any questions in the meantime, you may reach Jill Labors, my quarantine coworker, who is already sifting flour.

Hi! Thanks for your note.

I am away from work for the foreseeable future. See, I was furloughed in April, and my employer has not gotten back to me yet with a straight answer on returning to work. But, I am taking the high road and finding ways to shine up my green thumb and am creating my own oasis in the backyard.

“Always look on the bright side of life.” Monty Python

I am away from my email until Oct. 12.

That is when I return to my job(s) as a paralegal/freelancer/teacher/cook/cleaning service/communications specialist/marriage counselor/Pilates instructor.

AKA a working mom.

In the meanwhile, I will be taking a well deserved break, hiking up as many High Peaks as I can, sans phone and kids.

Hi, thank you for your email. I am on vacation* until Oct. 5. If you need assistance, please contact [email protected]

We’re road-tripping through the Northeast. We usually take a Disney vacation around this time of year, but that’s just not happening in 2020. So we took the adventure into our own hands. Feel free to reach out when I get back for tips on how to safely take the family on a wheeled adventure!

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