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This June the 450-page, full-colour 8th edition of the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook will be published in the UK at £19.99 and US $27.95 a month or two later.

In print for nearly 30 years, hard though it is to believe, with a hundred extra pages the fully revised new edition will be even more comprehensive.

Pre-order your copy now, weeks or months before the book reaches bookshops and online outlets, especially outside the UK. UK is £20 (post free); anywhere else is £27 – it’s a heavy book! See also: Michelin TPMS special package (5 left).

The first 50 pre-ordered copies will receive a unique, single-use 18{143106009d8b87d45252e1fd973f0c0835ad3aabba3679e828c3cd83539ae06c} discount voucher from our good friends at Kriega. Click below for UK delivery or anywhere abroad.

PRE-ORDER AMH 8 for delivery in June 2020


Practicalities  Planning: when, where and how. Documents, fuel costs, carnets, money, seasons, insurance, currencies, companions, rentals

Which Bike? What makes a good travel motorcycle. Rated: over two dozen travel bikes from 250 to 1290

Modification & Preparation Not one stone left unturned in getting the bike ready for your big trip. Luggage, racks, protection, filters, cooling, long-range fuel, tyres, wheels, clothing, seats, screens, lighting, suspension, tyre repairs, kit lists, spares and more

Life on the Road  Dealing with culture shock, borders, emergencies, communications and tracking, shipping and air freight, police trouble, changing money, black market, bribes, camping gear, navigation, wild camping, off-road riding, health and first aid, fault diagnosis, road accidents, 

Continental Route Outlines – Across Latin America, Asia and Africa: the Adventure Motorcycling Zone (‘AMZ’) with best borders as well as vital consulate locations, ferries, fuel costs and other information

Trip Reports from an array of adventurous world travellers including Steph Jeavons and Lois Pryce

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