While Andy Cohen has been dealing with some serious kid meltdowns, his pal Anderson Cooper’s two children have been acting like angels — and he isn’t holding back his annoyance.

It all began when the “Watch What Happens Live” host caught up with Cooper and asks him how fatherhood was going in a recent Instagram video.

“So Anderson, I’m dealing with major mood swings and irrational temper tantrums. What are you dealing with these days?” the 54-year-old father of two asks in the clip.

“I don’t know, my kids are pretty great,” Cooper replies, referring to his 2-year-old son Wyatt, who is on his shoulders, and his 6-month-old son Sebastian.

Cohen, who recently shared a video of his 3-year-old son Benjamin’s latest tantrum, wasn’t exactly thrilled to hear that his friend’s kids were so cooperative.

“What? What? Like there’s gotta be some wrinkle right now,” he said.

Cooper then turned to Wyatt and said, “Wyatt, what’s the wrinkle?”

Andy Cohen Reacts to Anderson Cooper Having Peaceful Vacation With Kids: ‘Guess I’m Alone Then’
Misery loves company, but Andy Cohen couldn’t quite commiserate with his pal Anderson Cooper.@bravoandy via Instagram

Cohen repeats the question to Wyatt at this point and is unamused to hear that everything’s going well at the Cooper household.

“Oh that’s nice. Great, so everything’s peachy at your house. Oh good, and you had a great vacation?” Cohen, who also has a 4-month-old daughter named Lucy, asks.

“Just hanging out with the kids,” Cooper says nonchalantly.

Cohen, who jokingly captioned his Instagram post “I DON’T feel heard!” then said, “Oh well ok, I guess I’m alone then. See you on New Year’s Eve dude.”

The Bravo star clearly isn’t afraid to poke fun at the less glamorous aspects of parenting, as seen in his recent videos spotlighting his kids’ outbursts in the car.

On Sept. 5, Cohen shared a video of Benjamin’s relatable tantrum while the family was driving home from the Labor Day weekend, proving that even celebrities can’t escape their kids’ meltdowns.

“I need a vacation,” Cohen captioned the Instagram post.

Then, back in July, the comedian shared another clip of his son and daughter crying during a road trip. Cohen came up with the perfect witty caption for that post, too: “Summer should be fun.”