A new feature on Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to time travel. This feature was not accepted warmly by many players. Some basically call it cheating. Nonetheless, it has not stopped Animal Crossing players to explore time travel in the game. The main reason why time travel is frowned upon is that it defeats the purpose of the game, in a way.

Animal Crossing is a game meant to be played slow and steady. New things to expect each day. Whereas, time travel allows the player to get a sneak peek forward. Time Travel has its pros and cons, obviously, (including messing with the autosave feature) but it still one of the most tried out perks.

5 things you need to know about Time Travelling on Animal Crossing

Limitless Supplies in Animal Crossing-

Yes, you heard that right. If you were too concerned about not getting any rocks and minerals, well now you know. Day 2 into the island, the Dodo Airport will open. By spending 2000 ‘Nook Miles’ you can learn all about Nook Miles Tickets. These tickets, in fact, will let you travel to other islands. This will allow you to have a limitless supply of rocks and minerals, along with bamboo, flowers, wood etc.

Message in a bottle-

The ancient way of communication still exists. In case you didn’t know, messages in bottles wash up on the beach almost every day. So are you regularly checking the beach? Make sure you do so because these messages contain instructions to stuff you haven’t done before. They may be about new clothes or new items to customize your surroundings. So remember to take a stroll on the beach and look for some exciting new messages!

Experience 24 hours in-game at any time-

This is a perk that comes with Time Travelling alone. Game time in Animal Crossing is paired with the time on your Nintendo Switch. So for working peeps, who log in only at night, they sadly miss out on the bright sunny days. But with Time Travel you can experience it all, at any hour. That’s not all. All of the day-specific events don’t need waiting. Just jump forward to that day and voila!

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Growing Money Trees-

Well, this is why people call time-traveling a cheat. Glowing spots on the ground give you 1000 bells when dug. If you bury bells there, a tree will grow and a few days later, you will receive an amount, proportionate to your initial investment. Well, impatient players inside the game can just mess with the time and bury tons of money in the past and go way into the future to get back huge returns. Now you see why people are mad?

Wish when you see stars, make magical items-

Sometimes at night, you can encounter falling stars in the sky. Don’t worry about missing them. They usually fly across in groups. Make a wish when they do (literally; just press A). Fast forward to the next day where you can find fragments on your island beach. These fragments can be used to create magical items. Now, enjoy!

Nintendo might remove this feature soon though there no official statements about it. So as long as the developers don’t consider it ‘cheating’ feel free to break the dimension.

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