It’s a walking imaginative story told from utility poles in the Sellwood neighborhood

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Many kids are starting the new school year at home with online learning, which still leaves much of the day unstructured. If you’re looking for something to get the kids out of the house on these great late summer days, we might have an answer for you.

Neal Spinler is the imagination behind an outdoor activity called “Choose Your Own Adventure.” It is a walking tour in the Sellwood neighborhood that’s a way to get more kids out of the house and into the neighborhood. The adventure starts at Johnson Creek Park — based on a story told from the imagination of Spinler.

“They start at Johnson Creek Park and they find a signpost in there,” he explained. “It’s a big red sign with a raven on it who is a guide on your journey and he starts telling the story about how the kingdom of Sellwood is being attacked by a vicious beast and he needs your help to save it.”

That first big red sign directs you to other scrolls attached to utility poles in the neighborhood. It has become a social media moment for many as the scrolls direct you through the neighborhood. Depending on your choices — it’ll send you further along the storyline or to a dead end.

“They’ll find their way eventually,” Spinler said. “They’ll see Share-It-Square, they’ll see a bunch of other things like a giant metal spider web, gigantic things that people put in their yards. We’ve got a great, quirky neighborhood so they’ll get to explore and they’ll learn some things along the way. There are fun facts at the bottom of each chapter related to the story that’s going on and I’ve got some humor in there that kids will like and adults will like too.”

It’s a walking imaginative story told from utility poles in the Sellwood neighborhood. A good distraction for kids, designed to exercise a child’s imagination through the parks and along the streams. It engages them in a make-believe story about how to defend the Kingdom of Sellwood from the beast trying to destroy it.

The self-guided walking adventure is a great alternative to devices at home and getting the kids out to enjoy the remaining beautiful sunny days of late summer. 

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