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Best hotels Ocean City 4X3

Maryland Marriott; Maryland Atlantic House; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

  • Ocean City is known for its seaside resorts, iconic boardwalk, and fun party scene. But quieter pockets can be found here, too.
  • The area has hotels to match virtually every vibe and budget, from wallet-friendly resorts for families to well-designed stays with picturesque bay views, starting from $95 to $489 per night.
  • While Maryland has begun phased reopening and there is no mandatory quarantine currently in place, more COVID cases have been reported so you should exercise caution before booking and consider planning a trip for the future instead.  
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Classic seaside resorts and a party culture that rivals the Jersey Shore define Ocean City, Maryland, making it a popular beach getaway for families, spring breakers, and everyone in between. Sure, the famed boardwalk and thrill rides may seem kitschy to some, but to others, they just scream good old-fashioned fun.

For those looking for relaxation over roller coasters and loud bars, the area north of the boardwalk features quieter beaches, and the city also boasts 17 championship golf courses. However, it’s tough to beat the crowds in the summer, when millions of visitors flock to the sandy shores.

If you’re truly after some peace and quiet, or just want to snag a good hotel deal, opt instead to visit during the shoulder seasons when the weather is still pleasant but the throngs have dispersed.

Visiting during less busy times of year may also be a particularly attractive option for those looking to social distance. If you’re wondering if it’s safe to stay at a hotel at all right now, consider that experts have stated vacation homes may be preferable because they minimize contact with others, but that there are still precautions you can take to make a hotel stay safe. We’ve also noted updated COVID-19 policies for each hotel listed to help you rest easier if you do choose to book.

Looking for more great beach hotels?

We rounded up great hotel offerings across Ocean City from family-friendly resorts with splash zones and pools to elegant, all-suite options with exceptional ocean views. All properties are highly rated on trusted traveler review sites like Trip Advisor and Booking.com, and fit a range of price points, starting from $95 to $489 per night. 

However, even with precautions in place, it’s important to know that without a vaccine there’s no guarantee of safety. While Maryland was beginning to see fewer cases and phased reopenings, there’s been an uptick in recent days, so you may want to wait before diving into a beach weekend just yet. You should always check the latest state and local guidelines before visiting, especially if you are traveling from out of state or a current hot spot.    

These are the best hotels in Ocean City, Maryland, sorted by price from low to high.

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