CHICAGO, Aug. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Loyola Press announced the Chicago-based publisher will expand its multimedia products with a new video game, Wanderlight: A Pilgrim’s Adventure, releasing August 17, 2020. Developed for home and classroom use, Wanderlight combines the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith with an adventurous quest-filled journey. 

Wanderlight is transformative, reaching minds and hearts unlike any other learning platform that aims to teach Catholic faith formation. Wanderlight immerses players in their learning—they experience teachings of the Catholic faith in self-motivating, active ways,” Joellyn Cicciarelli, President and Publisher of Loyola Press, said.

Wanderlight: A Pilgrim’s Adventure, a highly immersive, fully narrated game experience, encourages players to travel through three quest-filled realms to explore, to pray, to do good works, and to learn key aspects of the Catholic faith.

Players, assuming the identity of “The Pilgrim” and joined by a helpful dove, wander through forest, city, and valley zones and are presented with different characters and situations that offer opportunities to learn and pray. As the Pilgrim encounters these opportunities, they are challenged with completing quests such as, making ethical choices, learning about sacraments, and even meeting saints to provide spiritual enlightenment.  

Avid video gamers ages 5-12 can venture through seven levels of play, which can be purchased for at-home individual play or utilized throughout grade levels in a classroom setting.

“Videos provide only passive learning; textbook books can be engaging, but only when illuminated through meaningful conversation with learned catechists. Wanderlight is different. Wanderlight is meaning yet self-guided—and best of all, FUN,” Cicciarelli said.

Wanderlight can be played on desktops, laptops, and tablets with an Internet connection. Download the game on Google Play or the App Store, or call Loyola Press Customer Service.

View the Wanderlight trailer here.

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