Control: AWE DLC – Earn Lots Of Loot With Secret Killer Vending Machines | Vending Spree Guide

There’s a hilarious new enemy in the Control AWE DLC — and shooting it will drops tons of rare loot. If you’re low on any of the crafting materials, or just want to check out a very secretive enemy in AWE, you’ll need to shoot every vending machine you see.

In one of the notes, you’ll learn about a strange object found in a Retirement Home. This altered vending machine provides people with anything their heart desires — and it’s a living, breathing weapon in AWE. Found only in the Investigations Sector, the vending machines will randomly be special loot-dropping vending machines. They’ll immediately retreat after appearing, but they’re packed with useful loot. Defeat enough of them and you’ll even earn the ‘Vending Spree‘ achievement / trophy.

Learn how to spawn these secret loot spawners in the full guide below.

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Secret Loot-Spawning Enemies | Altered Vending Machines Guide

To find the altered vending machines, travel to the Abandoned Offices — the first area of the Investigations Sector. There are three vending machines you can test here, and one of them is bound to be a secret loot-spawner enemy.

Only the classic vending machines with white snack bags inside will work. Shoot them once — if the light goes out, they’re normal vending machines. The enemies spawn totally randomly, so if you don’t see one, you can continue to explore the sector or reset by going back to the Main Menu and reloading the area.

  • Vending Machine Locations:
    • Machine #1: Abandoned Offices – To the left of the ‘Service Tunnel’ sign.
    • Machine #2: Abandoned Offices – Past the security checkpoint near the Firebreak.
    • Machine #3: Abandoned Offices – Before the security checkpoint at the Firebeak.
    • Machine #4: Operations Center – On the second floor walkway outside the 2F control room.
    • Machine #5+#6: Operations Center – On the opposite hallway.

Vending Machines don’t just drop materials. They also drop high level Personal / Weapon mods. And lots of them! You can get 10~ from a single vending machine. Any vending machine can possibly be a secret loot-spawner.

Find 80{143106009d8b87d45252e1fd973f0c0835ad3aabba3679e828c3cd83539ae06c} of the Vending Machine instances, and you’ll unlock the ‘Vending Spree‘ achievement / trophy. These are totally random, but there are only so many! The more you get, the less likely they’ll appear. Just keep trying and you’ll find them all.

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