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Dear Travelers

Our message during the covid pandemic

After decades of guiding and working in adventure travel around the world, my parents, Richard & Louise McGowan, started a new company in 1996 to focus exclusively on crafting custom safaris for independent travelers. They understood that an African safari is unique in how deeply it connects and stays with us. They called their new company Next Adventure because so often a “once-in-a-lifetime safari” inspires a return to Africa as well as an appreciation for wilderness and a lifelong interest in conservation.

While the entire planet reels from this pandemic, our hearts are with the extraordinary array of people who make up the African safari travel industry: the guides and camps staff, the pilots and cooks, the housekeepers and laborers, and especially the communities in and around wildlife areas. The absence of visitors to these areas will have a dramatic impact where livelihoods and essential services are supported entirely by tourism. For those of us who promote and work in sustainable travel, it is a time to buckle down, reconnect, make a plan and focus on gratitude.

Though Richard passed away in 2007, we have kept true to his vision, and here are 3 things we’re grateful for as we stay the course in this challenging time:

  • We have strong relationships both with our clients and all our partners throughout Africa. It’s a joy to get to know each and every traveler, to match them with just the right experiences, and to hopefully build a long term relationship. Our tagline is “We take safaris personally,” and our work is truly personal for us.

  • We’ve deliberately kept Next Adventure a small family-centric business. While there are lots of benefits to being a larger company, safaris are special, and we want to be special. We want every aspect of the experience to be positive, and we’re grateful we can be nimble, flexible and creative through difficult times like these. 

  • We’re committed to an ecotourism model that benefits the land, wildlife and communities we visit, and we have the freedom to focus on safaris that matter to us and are meaningful to our clients.

Over the years, we have weathered many storms, and we have no choice but to look beyond today’s crisis toward a time when we can get back to doing what we love: sharing the best of wild Africa via our most trusted colleagues and friends.

The good news is that while our ability to travel can come and go, our human curiosity and wanderlust will always be strong. This is why we are so confident in the resilience of the travel industry, and we look forward to how sweet it will be when we can all start traveling again.

Keep well, and, whether you are a past client or just interested in learning more about who we are and what we do, we’d love to hear from you!

Warm regards,

Kili McGowan, CEO & Co-Owner


Our trip was nothing short of outstanding. We just wish we had more time at every place we visited! We are back at home now – listening to a lawn mower instead of birds tweeting :(.

We can’t thank you enough to have set this up on such short notice . I’ll send more stories and pics soon, happy to do a call anytime :).
— Rajiv

Kili establishes confidence with the first conversation. Her knowledge is unlimited. I just put my trust in Kili.

Myra B.

Extremely knowledgeable, approachable, responsive and detail oriented.

Heidi & Lou C.

You do a great job of determining what people want and then matching the experiences to the person. We continue to recommend you to friends.

Buzz & Holly T.

Informative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, accessible – great prep information!

Ann C.

Our Commitment

To provide our clients with the highest level of personalized safari planning and booking services with a focus on conservation, connection and communication.


By going on a safari with respected and responsible companies and partners, our clients provide direct support in the fight to preserve for future generations the most diverse wild places left on the planet.



Experiencing our planet’s vast primitive wilderness connects us with the earth as it was tens of thousands of years ago. Wilderness gave birth to humanity, and in it we are reminded of the wild human thing in all of us.



The world needs more people telling positive stories about the wild, sacred and exciting places on our planet, and we at Next Adventure take great pride in knowing that our clients come home with stories of hope, wonder and gratitude.

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