Dutch theme park Efteling has released a virtual tour, allowing visitors to explore the rides and attractions together from home.

The new free experience means that fans of the fairytale theme park can now enjoy Efteling from home, alongside their friends and family. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the park is once again welcoming visitors in person, with extra health and safety procedures in place.

However, the virtual tour gives everyone a chance to experience the park, even if they are not yet able to return in person. It also builds anticipation for future visits, showing the range of activities and rides that guests can look forward to.

A virtual Efteling adventure

Virtual visitors can register free of charge on the park’s website, and then select up to 12 rides to view. There are several iconic attractions to choose from, such as the thrilling double-looped Python rollercoaster (pictured, top) as well as the popular Symbolica dark ride.

Max and Moritz Efteling

Max & Moritz

Guests can also experience Efteling’s new coaster, Max & Moritz, a double family coaster based on the 1865 illustrated German story, Max & Moritz. This rhyming tale features two brothers who get up to all sorts of mischief.

Once guests have selected their chosen attractions, they will form a personal virtual chamber, allowing them to ride with friends and family as the rides unfold one after another. It is designed to be a social experience where guests can talk to each other as they ride, sharing memories of past visits to the park or planning future ones.

Last year, Efteling unveiled a new 4D theatre experience called Fabula, which features the first-ever 3D attraction film by Aardman Animations. This tells the story of a grumpy young bear who does not get on with other animals. Alongside an inquisitive squirrel, he is taken on an adventure where he learns how to be respectful towards other animals.

Efteling has been open once more since May 2020. The new virtual experience is available through the park’s website.

Images courtesy of Efteling

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