A woman shared a clip on TikTok of her recent vacation with her 72-year-old “boring” mom, whom the internet has fallen in love with for her “positive energy.”

The mom of seven shared the video of her recent holiday with her elderly mother, under the username Tessgiddingsx, showing how fun the mom turned out to be on vacation.

Girl Shares ‘How Boring’ Vacation Is With 72-Year-Old Mom in Hilarious Vid
A stock picture shows an elderly woman on vacation. The internet has fallen in love with a video of 72-year-old mom traveling with her daughter.
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The post came with a caption that read: “I hope this goes viralπŸ˜… This ladies and gentlemen […] is my mother! 72 years old living her best life! Living proof you’re truly only as old as you feel πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™”

However, Tessgiddingsx joked in another earlier caption: “why would you go on holiday with your 72yr old mum how BORING!”

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The post, which was shared on TikTok on Sunday, has so far more than 390,800 views and 58,600 likes, and the internet is in love with the mother.

One user Kim Hughes wrote: “Wow 72 !!!! She’s amazing,” while Jacklyn078 commented: “Omg I love her.”

Jess and Norma wrote: “She’s full of life I love her!!” while UsAlwaysX commented: “Omgggg she is life!!!! What a woman!!” CleaningWithCharlotte_ added: “Your mother is such a vibe!! Such a beautiful relationship.”

Another user, Jodie Bagnall, loved the video so much that she asked to be the mom’s friend: “Can I be her friend please she’s one cool mumma.” while _goneforeverx wrote: “I hope to be like her at 72. What a woman.”

Some users loved her energy so much that they even wanted her as their new mom. Slimmerwithcilla wrote: “Honest question, could she adopt me? I won’t be any trouble, promise.”

Teddy commented: “what a woman with positive energy!!!! Enjoy every moment with her.” And rachael bennett65 added: “I don’t know her and I love her so much already!!”

Newsweek reached out to Tessgiddingsx for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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