If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with your boo, you know, when traveling is actually safe, look no further than Wymara Resort and Villas in Turks and Caicos! My husband and I went for an early 30th birthday celebration in February of this year (lol when vacation was still a thing) and had THE MOST relaxing, delicious, beautiful time.

a person lying in a body of water: My husband and I went for my early 30th birthday celebration in February of this year (lol when traveling was still a thing wah wah.) I'm already mood-boarding my next post-vaccine trip

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My husband and I went for my early 30th birthday celebration in February of this year (lol when traveling was still a thing wah wah.) I’m already mood-boarding my next post-vaccine trip

Though I’m re-living the mems for now, I’ve already begun mood-boarding my next post-vaccine trip to the island. If Turks and Caicos is on your list for post-vaccine travel—and I’m about to tell you why it should be—please enjoy all the fashion, fun, food, and insta-worthy grams from my trip to inspire your adventure!

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But first, the essentials!

Hit up the beach (obvi)

The beaches in Turks and Caicos are beyond dreamy. Immediately upon arrival (after being shooketh by the jaw-dropping 7,000 square-foot infinity pool, we hit the private beach, just a 30-second walk from our hotel room at the Wymara Resort and Villas.

We were set up with chairs and towels by the lovely staff at Wymara and immediately ordered Tropical Margaritas from the Pink Bar. We also treated ourselves to an afternoon snack at the beachfront restaurant, Zest. We got the fried brussels sprouts tossed in teriyaki sauce which literally still makes my mouth water thinking about them!

Baby beach faves

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Social distancing

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Watch the sunset

On multiple occasions, we watched sunsets from the beach and from our hotel room. The views are absolutely stunning, and it was so easy to snap the most epic pictures for my gram’ because the vibrancy of the colors can be seen from all over the island!

A peep of paradise

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Take a selfie with that prime lighting

One of my favorite things about being on vacation in a warm place is a) the ability to be outside but B. you have ample opportunity to snap those thirst-trap selfies. (I’m usually trapped inside all day working, so I don’t have time to utilize the light to my advantage.) The beauty of a beach vacay selfie is that they can be taken all day every day, do yourself a favor and take extra for that #TBT.

Half-day excursion Caicos Dream Tours

Relaxation nation is usually my vacay mentality, but we decided to venture out for a half-day excursion with Caicos Dream Tours. It was so much fun. We started off the morning with some dolphin watching and guided snorkeling. We were then taken to Iguana Island which was seriously one of the prettiest places and YES there are Iguanas everywhere. The water was absolutely stunning, crystal clear with blue and turquoise hues melting together. Your pics will make you look like a Kardashian queen on a private island beach getaway.

I highly recommend it because it’s budget-friendly, scenically pleasing, and such a nice way to spend the day making memories with your S.O., family or friends! Also, if you’re staying at Wymara they can help you arrange your excursion, handling all the logistics so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Venture around the island for dinner

We ventured out of our hotel a few of the nights to grab dinner at hotspots around the island. We ate at Parallel 23 at the The Palms, which had a great relaxing atmosphere and delicious vegetarian options. Another night we ate at the Infiniti Restaurant and Raw Bar at the Grace Bay Club. This definitely had a younger crowd, buzzing atmosphere and the menu had an assortment of options from seafood to great vegan/vegetarian options like the Buffalo Burrata & Pink Grapefruit Salad and the Mongolian Spiced Eggplant!

Check out Wymara Villas

My husband and I stayed in the main part of the hotel but we were lucky enough to get a tour of the Wymara private villas, which are about a five-minute drive from the hotel. The private villas are perfect if you’re looking to rent for a big group trip with friends or family.

Ranging from four to five bedrooms with the most stunning views you’ve ever seen. Literally the definition of INSTA-WORTHY! Snap a million pics (like I did) even if you aren’t staying there you can pretend like you are for the day!

Looking back at my travel pics makes me feel so grateful that I was able to squeeze this trip in before the world was turned completely upside down. I canNOT wait for the day it is safe to travel again, until then, I’ll be marinating in my #TBTs. See you at the airport!

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