Alon Meir, a citizen of Kfar Saba returned home from a family vacation to find that a handicap parking spot had been painted under his car, Mako reported.After confirming several times that he could indeed park in that spot, the man left for his vacation in Northern Israel and when he returned he found what had happened, and that he received a ticket costing NIS 1000. He went to the Kfar Saba City Council to try and sort things out, but was transferred between departments without any of them taking responsibility for what had happened, and generally being unhelpful in resolving the matter by his account. “For two weeks I was telling the City Council my story, and they just transferred me between departments,” Meir said. “They each said they weren’t the ones handling such things and that I need to prove the date of when I parked at the spot, it was terrible,”Meir decided to write a post on Facebook post instead, detailing the story, providing pictures proving that the handicap parking was painted after he had already parked there, as well as the ticket he received. “The post made the town council nervous, and there were some comments of other people who’ve had similar things happen to them, they decided to cancel the ticket about two hours after I put up the post,”Meir hopes this story will cause the Kfar Saba City Council to consider their actions in the future to prevent something like this from happening again to other people. The Kfar Saba City Council responded to this story, saying they will take the necessary measures to prevent such a thing from happening again. “The Kfar Saba City Council apologizes for the event and sees it with the utmost severity,” their statement read. “Once the it came to light, the subject was handled by the appropriate authorities, the ticket was canceled and a personal apology was sent to the individual involved. Following this case, the Kfar Saba City Council has made the regulations regarding parking spot markings, especially regarding handicap parking, to avoid such cases in the future. 

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