Hassle-free Travel Ideas You Can Try

Traveling has been necessarily restricted, thanks to COVID-19. Unfortunately for many of those victimized by COVID-19 or worse, traveling even just outside the house was disallowed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised many Americans traveling from state to state or from country to country to be wary of the areas with high infection rates. Since state regulations vary differently, the virus runs rampant across many areas despite the hard lockdowns and restrictions imposed by their local governments. It became hard to restrict people from crossing borders. Not a lot of people were scared of the virus. Even when millions have already died and millions more were already infected, people still insisted on living normally.

Traveling is a fundamental right guaranteed by the laws and the Fifth Amendment. It is part of the fundamental right to liberty that cannot be deprived unless restricted by the courts or by authorities with due process. It has been the legal basis wherein most of the people justify the travels they did. However, the unfortunate truth is that travel must be restricted depending on issues at specific moments. When the situation calls for it, people must succumb to regulations whether they like it or not.

Obedience to the rules was generally acquiesced by most. Tourist spots took most of the hit, unfortunately. Many businesses centered around catering to tourists closed down as an unfortunate consequence. Now that the vaccinations are wrapping up in many states and the virus is finally winding down, what are hassle-free travel ideas one can try to exercise their travel rights ultimately?

National Parks

Surprisingly, a good number of Americans haven’t even visited America’s great national parks. National Parks are an underrated tourist destination that is completely hassle-free. A visit to a national park doesn’t cost too much. Aside from the minimal fee you pay for entering the area, national parks have a wide array of destinations for whatever suits your mood. The Yellowstone National Park is one of the most attractive tourist destinations there is. It is so large that it encompasses multiple states across the U.S.

There is absolutely no pressure to complete destination points within the park, and you can take your time. You can even bring in your camper or your tent and stay there for a long time. It will truly be a hassle-free adventure that will cost you pennies and is generally easy to plan.

New York City

Visit the urban jungle for absolutely no extra cost. A lot of people are a fan of the empire city of New York, as it is one of the busiest destinations. The city is a melting pot of almost all cultures around the world. Because of its unique demographics, the city caters to absolutely all types of cultures and cuisines. It is literally a collective of all that can be shared around the world. A visit to New York City does not cost a lot and is absolutely hassle-free. You don’t even need to have a travel plan. Even if you just walk around the block and you will get an understanding of the true New York urbanity. There is absolutely nothing like it.

Going All In

Going all in on a packaged trip will save you a lot of time and many inconveniences. There are many tours organized around the country that feature a hassle-free experience by lumping together all the costs of going to a specific destination. Exciting all-inclusive resorts and destination exclusives are in abundance as the economy rebounds.

These trips feature a planned and fixed schedule. All you have to do is show up on the day it starts. Tourist spots around the country have hotels that are famous for organizing a complete trip for their guests. The trip would usually include the full experience of the area.


While COVID is still not completely eradicated, it might not be a bad idea to visit your local museums first, at least. Restrictions and the risk of infection might not be worth it. There are a lot of museums out there that are completely left unvisited. 

These destinations are not only educational; you can also experience another world. Many museums feature replicated historical settings or natural wonders that you will never get to experience anywhere. The Museum of Natural History features what life was like before the age of man. The National WWII Museum feature replicated settings of great battles that took place centuries ago. Museums are cheap and fantastic to go to. You can sink a few days just touring museums.

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