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  • As Americans seek safer travel, hotels with enclosed, shared common spaces are likely to be avoided in favor of socially distant lodging.
  • But some hotels make it easy to maintain distance with standalone accommodations similar to a vacation rental home, but with all the amenities of a traditional hotel experience.
  • We rounded up hotels around the country that offer cabins, bungalows, and cottages with exterior entrances to encourage safety and privacy.
  • All are highly rated, range from $175 to $650 per night, and feature policies such as contactless check-in, rigorous sanitation, and outdoor dining.
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Much of the US has reopened following shutdowns in response to COVID-19, including a return to travel.

However, hitting the road looks quite different these days, with many travelers choosing to stay closer to home and booking safe, private, and socially distanced domestic vacations.

As such, some guests may feel averse to entering a traditional hotel lobby where mingling with other guests in shared common spaces, hallways, and elevators is hard to avoid. And while we know experts say private vacation rental homes are likely safest as they limit these types of interactions, not everyone wants to stay in someone else’s home. Instead, they still prefer the level of sophistication, style, and comfort only a hotel can provide.

These types of travelers should consider claiming extra space for themselves at hotels with guest rooms in the form of private standalone cottages, villas, bungalows, and cabins with exterior entrances. These accommodations offer all the conveniences of staying in a hotel and remove the need to enter enclosed areas with strangers. And with many hotels offering new COVID-19 safety measures, everything from check-in to dining can be achieved without contact.

Of course, without a vaccine, there is no firm guarantee with regard to safety and travel. It’s crucial to follow guidelines from organizations such as the CDC and WHO, and practice safety measures including wearing a mask, washing hands, and maintaining social distance. Additionally, consider your own level of risk, individual state quarantine restrictions, and whether you’re traveling from or to a hotspot, so as not to increase the rate of infection.

With that said, we carefully selected top-rated hotels that offer standalone cottages, villas, cabins, and bungalows across the country to enjoy the experience of staying in a hotel while promoting social distancing. Selections were made based on personal experience, ratings and reviews on trusted traveler sites such as Trip Advisor, Booking.com, and Hotels.com; and a range of budgets, with prices between $175 and $650 per night to start.

These are the best hotels with standalone guest rooms, sorted by price from low to high.

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