Let’s travel to Kauai, forget the 14-day mandatory quarantine that was just extended today by Hawaii Governor David Ige until at least October 1. Kauai may be the first island where visitors could travel to and enjoy a resort for the mandatory 14-day quarantine. Such a vacation would come with a tracking device and harsh penalties if anyone would try to escape from the hotel.

A 14-day quarantine at the Grand Hyatt Kauai may not sound that bad. If a guest was diagnosed with COVID-19, this guest would be moved to a special isolation wing with all 5-star amenities still available.

This is the idea of Kauai Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami as he voiced his idea at today’s Governor’s press conference. He explained the details about how guests could be required to stay in one resort without leaving the property for 2 weeks. How it would work is being discussed.


Also at the press conference, Hawaii Governor Ige extended the mandatory quarantine for both trans-Pacific and inter-island travel to at least October 1. In addition, social distancing requirements have been made even more strict. The Governor announced new regulations he just put into place today, August 20, 2020.

Governor Ige said first and foremost it’s about the health of our community.

Click here to listen to the mayor and the governor.

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