a city street: Lubbock hotels, restaurants gearing up for unique Texas Tech football season

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Lubbock hotels, restaurants gearing up for unique Texas Tech football season

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – Texas Tech players and fans aren’t the only ones gearing up for Tech football season. Lubbock shops are hoping to bring in business to the Hub City to have a financially better second half of 2020.

“More than a decade ago, when the Chamber of Commerce studied the value of the University of Texas game every other year, it’s more than a ten million dollar impact economy. That’s 8 digits. That’s a big impact,” said Mayor Pope at a news conference in mid August.

“We have no history of COVID for Texas Tech football. It doesn’t exist. So how do we do it?” ask Rob Meyer, the President of the Lubbock Hotel Motel Association.

Meyers says hotels are going to take business day by day as football season approaches.

“And so a huge blessing that they made that decision to come back and not last weekend but the two weekends before that were our two single most busiest weekends of the pandemic.” 

Meyer says weekend bookings have done well the past couple of months even during COVID-19.

“So weekends, you can run 50,60, 70 percent.”

But he says weekdays during COVID-19 have rocked the hotel industry in the Hub City with only 20 percent of rooms occupied. Meyer adds that hotels could use the help of football fans.

He says a lot of rooms would have been booked by this time for games, but people aren’t booking because they’re not sure what is going to happen, but will gear up for guests.

Joe Felicia and his team at his Italian restaurant, One Guy From Italy, on University Ave., which is walking distance to the Jones AT&T Stadium, say they’re back on track with Tech’s recent reopening, saying they may even be ahead. Felicia says he hopes this momentum continues.

“People are tailgating all over the place, this block and every parking lot. It’s thousands of people celebrating and if they cannot do it, it’s going to take a lot of people away from this area.”

But Felicia says he will take what he can get, hoping that football won’t get shut down so that customers can get a piece of pie.

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