In this guide, we will provide you with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Best Assistance Settings that can provide an easier and more pleasing in-game experience.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is quite a difficult game. It consists of detailed Aircraft with really hard control schemes due to its plethora of mechanics for flight simulation.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Assistance Settings

You can access the Assistance settings through the options menu. The Settings are divided into two layers each.

There’s an upper category where you can change the difficulty of the game, and there’s a drop-down menu for tweaking the in-game features.

For a user-friendly experience or to learn the basics in order to get used to the gameplay, you have the option to set everything on easy.

Aircraft Systems

  • Automixture – On
  • Unlimited Fuel – On
  • Aircraft Lights – On
  • Gyro Drift Auto-calibration – On

Failure and Damage

  • Crash Damage – Disabled
  • Aircraft Stress Damage – Disabled
  • Engine Stress Damage – Disabled
  • Icing Effect – Visual Only

Navigation Aids

  • Route and Waypoints – On
  • Taxi Ribbon – On
  • Landing Path – On
  • Smartcam Mode – Auto
  • POI Markers – On
  • City Markers – On
  • Airport Markers – On
  • Fauna Markers – On


  • Piloting and Controls Notifications – On
  • Aircraft System – On
  • Flying Tips – On
  • Objectives – On
  • Software Tips – On

User Experience

  • ATC UI Panel open at start – Off
  • Show message log in ATC menu – Off
  • ATC Voices – On
  • Checklist in UI Panel open at start – On
  • VFR Map UI Panel open at start – Off
  • Nav Log UI Panel Open at start – Off

With the above settings enabled in MS Flight Simulator 2020, you should have a much easier time as you start playing this game.

Of course, if you are a veteran of simulator games you should have no trouble as these settings are mainly meant for newer players to help with the ropes.

That being said, even veterans can make use of some of these settings to have a chill experience if they don’t want a super serious flying session at times and just want to relax, take in the sights and travel the world.

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