Calling all adventure junkies! Dahilayan Adventure Park just opened its Razorback Mountain Coaster — the first-ever alpine coaster in the Philippines! This ride takes the roller coaster experience to the next level, allowing riders to speed through the lush pine grove of Bukidnon.

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Razorback Mountain Coaster

Razorback Mountain Coaster Opens at Dahilayan Adventure Park

Alpine coasters are a popular ride at many resorts in Europe. (Has anyone here heard of the 3,300 foot-long Glacier 3000 alpine coaster in Gstaad, Switzerland?!) Basically, the ride resembles an outdoor roller coaster with bobsled-like carts that run down a track on a hill.

With its exquisite highlands, the Philippines most definitely makes a great alpine coaster spot! It’s fascinating how this Razorback Mountain Coaster can pave the way to a higher tourism rate in Bukidnon — an underrated gem in Northern Mindanao. (On that note, make sure to travel safely, everyone!)

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Things to note

In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Dahilayan Adventure Park temporarily closed on 17 Mar 2020. Finally, it started welcoming guests again on 4 August. Adhering to the COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force guidelines, the nature park still limits its guests to make way for physical distancing. Only those who are 21 to 59 years old will be allowed entry.

Upon entering Dahilayan Adventure Park, guests are to get their temperature checked, fill up health declaration forms, and pay the ₱50 entrance fee. And yes, face masks are required — even during rides.

Dahilayan Adventure Park is open every day from 9am to 5pm. Guests may check-in at Pinegrove Mountain Lodge for overnight stays.

Other attractions

Dahilayan Adventure Park boasts of several superlatives. Aside from the Razorback Mountain Coaster, the park is also home to the longest dual zipline in Asia and the highest parajump platform in the Philippines. 

The Zipline is 840 metres long and allows riders to course through the breezy winds of Dahilayan. Meanwhile, the Skytower Base Jump is eight storeys high; base jumpers can expect to free fall from the tower — with safety harnesses, of course! 

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Are you excited for more local adventures soon? We are, too! Before travelling, make sure to research about the latest travel guidelines for your target destination. Safe and responsible travels, everyone!

All images credited to Dahilayan Adventure Park | Official Facebook Page

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