While airline travel continues to sink because of the coronavirus, Americans seem to still be going on vacation this summer.

A study by the American Hotel & Lodging Association shows 44{143106009d8b87d45252e1fd973f0c0835ad3aabba3679e828c3cd83539ae06c} of people will take some type of vacation or family trip this year. Because New Yorkers must quarantine for 14 days after visiting certain states, many opt for drivable getaways like nearby campgrounds or beaches.

“It’s OK to have fun, (but) do it safely,” Saad Omer, the director of Yale Institute for Global Health, told the TODAY show last month.

What about you? Are you scrapping your plans to get away this summer? Or are you planning a vacation despite the pandemic? Take the poll:

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Previous poll: The abbreviated Major League Baseball season began Thursday night. Spectators are banned from games this season because of the coronavirus. Stadiums now are playing crowd noise over their PA systems, and broadcasters are creating their own fan noise soundtrack and even creating virtual fans. We asked readers if they thought broadcasts should use virtual crowds and piped-in cheers. 68.2{143106009d8b87d45252e1fd973f0c0835ad3aabba3679e828c3cd83539ae06c} of you said you’d prefer broadcasters to keep it real while 31.8{143106009d8b87d45252e1fd973f0c0835ad3aabba3679e828c3cd83539ae06c} like the fake noise.

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