Slab City is an option if you like short-term vacation rentals: letters

Mr. Bond stated that renting one’s property is a right of ownership, a continuation of the oft-spoken “I can do anything I want with my property.” This is a fallacy. If one owns within a city that has zoning rules, the city identifies permitted uses for each type of zoning. La Quinta Municipal Code chapter 9 deals with zoning, chapter 9.40.030 specifies permitted uses in residential zoning. Short-term vacation rentals are not listed. La Quinta’s Municipal Code Chapter 3.25, adopted last year, concerns STVRs; it specifically identifies where new STVR permits are allowed starting in May 2021: 

  • A residential dwelling within a residential project located in the CT Tourist Commercial District zone, and a few adjacent areas.
  • A residential project located in the VC Village Commercial District zone.
  • A residential project subject to a development agreement with the city in which short-term vacation rentals are a permitted use, authorized under a declaration of CC&Rs, for the residential project.
  • A residential dwelling within the area covered by the SilverRock Resort Specific Plan.