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Jin’s caretaker Yuriko knows additional poisons for other types of darts, and may have discovered the next set of ingredients at her camp.

  • Rewards:
  • Minor Legend Increase,
  • Minor Ranged Charm – Yuriko’s Keepsake (Arrows have a 15{143106009d8b87d45252e1fd973f0c0835ad3aabba3679e828c3cd83539ae06c} chance to poison enemies),
  • (Hallucination Darts

Travel with Yuriko

As Yuriko and Jin remember the poisonous plants, summon your horse and travel with her down from her camp towards Omi Lake. You’ll travel east first below Kubara Ridge, and then a bit south to a small gorge where the cemetery in question is located.

Rid the Cemetery of Mongols

As you round the corner, you’ll spot a group of Mongols who have taken up camp in the cemetery. Teach them some manners with a standoff, and use your Clan Armor to cut them all down before they can even react.

While you’re here, be sure to look for a Singing Cricket by where the Mongols were stationed.


More Mongols are scattered about further down the cemetery, including at a campsite with a tent, and several ridges where archers are posted. You can use the tall grass clumped around to get to them, and use poison darts to take out nearby targets. Be sure to look at all the entrance roads, and the cliffs to take out any lingering enemies before returning to Yuriko.

Travel to the Next Cemetery

Unfortunately, this was the wrong cemetery for the flowers you need, so summon your horse and follow Yurkio as you travel back down and to the west towards Omi Lake again. You’ll make a brief pit stop to rest at the edge of the lake, before continuing on your journey.

Collect 3 Spider Lilies

As you reach the cemetery below Omi Lake, Yuriko will ask you to collect 3 Spider Lily flowers around the cemetery. They can all be found on the eastern side of the road the cuts through – look for the orange flowers that grow among the graves.

Like the last cemetery, you can find a Singing Cricket by the middle spider lily on a raised platform – don’t miss it!

Travel to the Third Cemetery and Clear the Mongol Camp

You might have enough poison by now, but Yuriko wants you to travel with her to the next cemetery, further east along the road to the Shimura Cemetery. However, before you can reach it, you’ll run into more Mongols at the Riverside Camp, and Yuriko will brew up the Hallucination Dart for you, and you’ll be tasked with clearing out the camp yourself.

You’ll have several options for taking out the camp – and depending on bonus objectives you may go one of several ways. While the Hallucination Darts can be great for making bigger targets attack their friends, you can also make use of Standoff with the Sakai armor to take down many targets in a single blast. Note that you can also find more orange plants around the camp, just be on the lookout near the tall grass.

While you’re cleaning out the camp, be sure to look for an open-faced mongol tent that has a large mask Mongol Artifact – the Tsam – and add it to your collection.

Investigate the Shimura Cemetery

When the camp is cleared of Mongols, return to Yurkio and get back on your horse for one last trip. You’ll head along the path east and upwards to the Shimura Cemetery. Once here, indulge Yurkio to create a haiku while looking at the different scenery around the cemetery. Like any Haiku, you can pick any from the selection that you like, it will have no bearing on the quest or your reward.

With your work at the cemetery done, and your new hallucination darts added to your inventory, the quest will be complete. Note that you can continue to find both poison and hallucination darts wherever you travel by looking for purple and orange flowers – usually among the tall pampas grass in open fields.

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