When planning your vacation in another city or country, you want to agree on everything in advance so as not to be nervous later. Many hotels in the world offer their guests an additional service – a transfer, often included, but many tourists do not know what this means and what services they will receive. Transportation from Denver international airport to Keystone by Mountain Stars Transportation is a great opportunity to get to your destination quickly and safely.

What is a tourist transfer?

Meeting a tourist or a group of tourists at the point of arrival and their safe escort to the place of stay (hotel, inn, sanatorium, or any other place) – is the most transfer. Transfer services, more often, are already included in the price of the tour, especially if you have purchased a standard package tour.

The representative of the hotel you are going to will meet you at the airport and will wait, even if the flight is late because he has already been paid for it. And for you not to get lost, the guide, company representative, or just the driver who meets you, usually holds a sign with the name of the hotel you are going to. In the case of an individual transfer, your name will be on the plate.

What is the difference between a group transfer and an individual transfer?

The group transfer service is the most economical and most inconvenient way to get to your holiday destination. You, of course, will be met and escorted to the bus, but besides you, there will be several dozens of the same tourists on the bus who also need to go. All these fellow travelers can be from different hotels and you will be very lucky if yours is among the first. Booking a tour is the most crucial moment, during which you independently determine the most necessary and useful services for you, including the conditions for an individual transfer.

An individual transfer is very convenient in cases where you carry a lot of luggage when you travel with children, or simply do not want to waste your time and nerves. You can order a high-class car, child car seats, air conditioning, and a refrigerator. After reviewing the details of the transfer in more detail, we offer to book a car from our fleet at https://mountaincars.com/ now at affordable prices.