There’s no breathing room on your itinerary


Scheduling every hour of every day is simply exhausting and stressful. Unplanned events like delayed flights or canceled tours are part of the reality of vacation. If you don’t have room in your itinerary for these moments—and simply ones to just breathe, relax, and take in your surroundings—then you’ll likely face frustration, panic, and stress. Not having a jam-packed schedule will also allow you to stop rushing around as usual. According to Michelle Gielan, bestselling author of Broadcasting Happiness and founder of the Institute of Applied Positive Research, “a lot of the point of vacation is just to have a break from schedules” and by not rushing from activity to activity you’ll be able “to do whatever you feel like.” These Cyber Monday deals will help you save big time on travel.

You don’t go with the flow


If you panic when something goes wrong, like missing a flight, you bring unnecessary stress into your vacation. In these unanticipated mishaps, social psychologist Susan Newman suggests that you “think of it as an adventure, because often the mishaps and the things that go wrong actually become either humorous in your memory bank or the best thing that happened on the whole vacation.” So, recognize that you might not be in control of the situation, take a step back, and calm down, be it by breathing deeply, practicing mindfulness, or grabbing a beer at the airport bar. Avoiding these common airport mistakes will also help you start your trip on a calm note.

You have way too high expectations


You shouldn’t approach a vacation with the expectation that “it will be the best trip ever.” Sure, you need a relaxing break but by traveling with high expectations, you set yourself up for disappointment. Traveling with an open mind to the adventures and experiences that await you will free of vacation stress.

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