HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Wellcare Telemedicine Platform today released a digital guide, ‘Enjoying an Active life during a Pandemic.’ They identified the risks associated with 12-daily activities for kids and adults, along with important advice on how to avoid catching the illness while doing them.

Enjoying an active life during a pandemic - Wellcare
Enjoying an active life during a pandemic – Wellcare

The Guide is free to the public and can be accessed from the Wellcare Mobile App. It is currently available in two languages: English and Vietnamese.

Mr Phong Nguyen – CEO/Co-founder of Wellcare Telemedicine Platform said: “Population boom, climate change and biodiversity disturbances have created a new era where pandemics can occur more frequently and spread rapidly. Unless humanity stops the pursuit of unbalanced economic growth, pandemics will be here to stay, no matter how hard we fight them, they can come at any time… from anywhere on earth.”

“Instead of ending all social interactions and remaining confined in our homes, which then affects our mental and physical health, our advice is to understand and learn how to live at peace with this and future pandemics. That is  why we created this guide,” continued Mr. Phong Nguyen.

Wellcare asked 15 of the 98 doctors who participate on its telemedicine platform to contribute recommendations to the Guide. The team carefully selected 12-activities based on frequency, its urgency to living a normal lifestyle, and clearing up ‘reported as fact,’ how some of these activities may or may not have led to virus outbreaks across the community.

The Guide covers 12-common activities. It attaches a risk score between 1 and 5. The activities range from traveling, going to the hospital, going out, going to church, going to weddings and parties, getting haircuts and spa visits, trips to the market, going to school to using public transportation. In the guide, each activity has the assessed risk and also tips to keep as safe as possible while you are out doing the activity.

“The risk score is based on our general assumption of the environment where that activity takes place. For example, to evaluate the risk of going to school, we assume most schools have taken appropriate cautionary steps and procedures to limit virus infections,said Dr. Le Hong Ha, one of the guide’s editors. “That is why it is very important to read through all of the recommendations for each activity, rather than only looking at the risk score,” he continued.

“Nowhere is safe, if you wear your mask or wash your hands incorrectly,” said Dr. Truong Huu Khanh, a key influencer in communicable diseases who helped revive the guide. “Everywhere is safe, if you wear your mask and wash your hands correctly,” he said.

He acknowledged the necessities of maintaining a healthy, activity-filled daily life. He also continually emphasized the importance of risk awareness, personal responsibility, and self-protection at all times.

That’s where the guide comes into play. It lets people know that if they take the proper precautions and practice social distancing, hand washing and other recommendations by medical professionals they can still enjoy their lives during the pandemic.

For example, if you look at the guide’s guidelines for travel, it will tell you that the current risk with COVID-19 and travel is a 5 out of 5. It will also offer you some guidance like being sure to avoid densely populated city destinations with many tourists. It also recommends using a private vehicle for short trips and limiting the amount of bus, train or flight changes for longer-haul trips. Each page of advice shows you the name and picture of the doctor who is providing the guidelines.

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