Coronavirus pandemic is arguably the first hurdle for mankind’s sprint since we all became an integral organ of the global village. Your most favorite places, which were probably only a flight away, are not easily accessible now. Right from quarantine to medical checkup rules and containment zones, travellers are facing problems which were unimaginable just a few months ago. Your favourite hotels, restaurants, bars and beaches may not be open for public as of yet.

There are thousands of questions and a lot of research needs to be done if a person is planning to travel. Launched in May, the website ‘Covid Controls’ attempts to answer most of your queries about your international trip.

Covid Controls’ Mohit Shah, one of the four brains behind the website, says that the idea behind the creation was the “need for a comprehensive Covid-19 dashboard specifically geared towards travelers, especially at a time when the situation is changing so rapidly.”

Covid Controls: How it works

The portal shows where you are allowed to go based on your origin and travel history (depends on if you have been to a high-risk country). From there on you can pick up a country on the map or search for a desired one to read more about it.

Tourist restrictions for Germany.

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Tourist restrictions for Germany. (Covid Controls)

The website uses color-coded maps of Red, Yellow and Green to inform users about the status of international travel in the particular country. It also helps you with flight details and information about airports.

The website helps you with –

Travel regulations: It lists the restrictions imposed on tourism along with the protocol to deal with international visitors with regard to quarantine, testing, and tracing.

Lockdown measures: It shows the extent of stay-at-home policy currently in place, when it began and when it ends.

Outbreak containment: The percentage of Covid-19 cases that are no longer a threat calculated as (Total Recoveries + Total Deaths) / (Total Cases).

Covid Controls also helps travellers get information about the outbreak growth, case fatality rate, currently active cases, deaths and the latest Covid-related news from the relevant country.

Travel amidst the pandemic

“Covid Controls is getting most of its users from North America and Europe. ‘It has repeat users from over 60+ countries,” says Mohit. The website doesn’t capture the details of the least popular tourists destinations.

Mohit adds that Covid Controls’ chat function is incorporated to engage with the users, and to tell “if we are missing a data point.”

The website is free for all.

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